Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Book Review #23 : Lost In Pattaya

Author: Kishore Modak
Publisher: Grapevine India
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9789381841228
Pages: 215

‘Lost in Pattaya’ is a work of brilliance! The title is perfect and sounds good too. It is a tale about a father’s search for his daughter, his guilt that almost destroys his career. It is about failed relationships and strange new relationships. The search for his daughter pushes Palash deeper into the world of human trafficking and prostitution. There were places where I hated him and felt justified for his loss and places where I felt bad for him too.  Whether or not he is able to find his daughter and even if he finds her, is it too late? These are some of the questions that will haunt you till you find out the answers.

I  liked Kishore Modak’s writing style, there was a surprise hidden around every paragraph! There are some nail biting adventurous moments in the book as well as some beautiful, heart touching moments. Though the title and cover page with a sad girl suggest that the story is about a lost girl, it is more about the father.

The book starts off with a medium pace but after a few pages, it becomes almost impossible to put it down. The author has blended adventure, suffering and emotions in proper proportions. The best part of the book is the way it portrays a father's unflinching love and sacrifice for his daughter. The story doesn’t terminate easily and there is a lot more in it! 

The best part about this book is it talks about people who are not perfect, who make mistakes and that’s what makes them more relatable. It’s a story of self-discovery in which the lead characters passed through various shades of life.

The concept of sex trade and involvement of mafia group is the main highlight of the story. The characterization done by author is strong as he peeks into the thoughts of a helpless man caught in addictions.

The book is an interesting casual read with strong plot and good narration. Although the plot is disturbing and violent, but Kishore manages to breeze the readers through the tough subject due to his gripping narration and mysterious pacing. The plight of a father and a man has been showcased rather convincingly through words.

The second half gets better when the mystery unfolds and it leads to strange revelations. The second half covers up for the slow beginning. It becomes more of a personal quest for Palash than for his daughter. There are narrations about the lanes of Pattaya, drug peddlers, prostitution and other dark alleys where you would never want to venture, but can be virtually explored through the book.

'Lost in Pattaya' offered me a new flavor which is quite different as well as interesting from the regular romantic, corporate drama books which I read so far. Read it for powerful narrations, good vocabulary, some magical sentences and to visit the darker side of the world. Recommended!

My ratings - 4/5

P.S: The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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