Friday, 2 January 2015

Book Review #24 : 60 Minutes

Author: Upendra Namburi
Publisher: Westland Ltd
Genre: Corporate Drama
Price: Rs. 350
Pages: 361

‘60  Minutes’  by  Upendra  Namburi  is  a  corporate  thriller/ business fiction. It’s an excellently conceptualized and well written book. If you are interested to know what happens at the top echelons of FMCG companies, this book is a must read. The solid story that the author has  weaved around the corporate setting, and the pace with which the events unfold is very  good. The cover page is attractive too.

I  loved  the  characterization;  there  are  no  good/ bad people. Everyone, including the  protagonist, is shown as they actually are in real life: greedy and scheming. Everyone goes  through the process of survival of the fittest. One can almost feel the pulse of their office  rooms. They end up playing a deadly game with huge rewards, but equally huge risks. 

Rivalry and (personal) revenge, you know you get a lot of drama here. You should read this novel to understand what nonsensical levels people go to achieve their selfish motives. This is the side of corporate life that needs to be exposed to people and I appreciate the  author for doing that. Altogether, an excellent book but the author should have presented a more believable climax.

Professional networks and game plays, stock markets and millions of  money, relationships  and stress, domestic violence and infidelity- the author highlights all aspects. Obsession and revenge carried from the past is all what drives the scenes in the sixty minutes. Some happenings do seem without purpose.

The book reinforces that everything is fair in love, war and corporate battle for supremacy. Ethics and integrity aren't always the merits. One needs lots of tactics to outsmart the competition,  defend  one's  position  and  cover  his/ her back. Friends and foes can swap positions in matter of minutes when money, job, reputations are at stake.

Though it appeared to be a 60 minute event, every now and then incidents of past are introduced. So end to end, the story takes couple of years in total duration. The flashbacks are not in order, but are based on the specific incidents which serve as background for current developments. At 360 odd pages, this book seems a bit dragged.

The author is a sales and marketing professional by himself and it seems that he has moulded the raw material of his life in the form of a book. His own experiences, his encounters with other corporate people, and the major events of corporate life - have all gone into this work.

60 Minutes is high on emotions; disappointment, rejection, elation, fear, relief. It is a revealing window into corporate life in India, exposing the slime and deceit in corporate relationships, the backstabbing and the vested interests. It would make for an excellent Bollywood plot, with all the drama, subterfuge and intrigue. The writing style is simple and easy to grasp. However, I did spot some sloppy writing which some careful editing could have weeded out.

The only thing with 60 minutes is that you will not be able to finish the book in 60 minutes. If you are fond of reading corporate drama, this one is a good pick. With the apt narration, I give the book a rating of 3/5.

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