Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book Review #25 : Choked!

Author: Bharath Sarma Rejeti
Publishing year: 2013
Publication: Partridge India
Pages: 172
Genre: Fiction

What will you do when someone chokes you off? 

It happened to him, a victim of a conspiracy. He was all alone, vulnerable, and pitted against the mighty and juggernaut, but being strong was the only option he had. He knew that it would be difficult to win, but quitting the fight would be devastating. He had too many things at stake – a non-negotiable promise, his land, life, and livelihood. 

Unrelentingly, he began the revolt with just an indestructible desire to win. It was indeed a war between two unique men – one preferred to confront head-on, and another chose to be invisible. The war was also one of its kind – the victory was not in plotting violence but in terrorising the enemy. 

This is the story of a small businessman who was pushed to fight with a corporate gorilla. For more clues on the conspiracy and war, visit:

Nice execution and narration of the plot based on daily happenings. More cinematic. Choked! is a fictional novel with a high level of technical details, I loved it!

The cover is illustrative and gives hint about the revolt you can expect in the book.

Relevant context and a lucid, credible writing style. The book is nail-bitingly entertaining and gripping. It keeps the reader's anxiety level high. Slowly, you start visualizing the characters.

Interestingly, the book is close to reality and informative. A perfect blend of revenge and suspense. This book even teaches you many things. 

A book worth reading. Nice business fiction!

Author's words:
1. Choked! is designed to tell readers that everything in life happens for a good reason. You need to experience the moments of life, instead of classifying the events as good or bad right away.
2. The second message is at a pragmatic level. Adverse events of life bring out the real character in you. Just as positive influences, adverse events too could define a purpose in life. You cannot quit, but fight until you win in such pursuits.
3. The last message is that success in life is rarely an individual effort. You need to engage the world around you in accomplishing something.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Bharath Sarma Rejeti
Bharath Sarma Rejeti is a marketing professional and works with a software services company in India. The focus of his fiction writing is on integrating storytelling techniques with everyday business stories and creating drama. Bharath lives in Bengaluru, and Choked! is his debut novel.

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P.S: This review was commissioned by the author in return of an honest review!


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