Saturday, 31 January 2015

No Fikar, Chat Quikr! Bech Quikr! #QuikrNXT

I believe, we are a 'texting' generation. The phone call is slowly dying due to sudden explosion in texting. Texting and chatting are social norms now.

Why I prefer chat over a phone call?

1. I am not much of a phone talker.
Like most introverts, I detest talking on the phone with strangers. I prefer clear and concise conversations over lengthy ones. A ringing phone wants your attention RIGHT NOW! It doesn't care if you are resting or you're in deep thoughts. Honestly, I hate the sight of unknown numbers calling me. Also, in lectures or meetings, it is feasible to mute your phone or put it on silent/vibration in case you want to chat. But the phone call buzzes and sings - which is annoying! And some people don't give up easily! They keep calling you and finally your barking phone wins the battle when you take the call. (which you had no intention to take!)

2. Chatting is quick, free, easy to store and privacy is protected!
Speech is instantaneous. Chatting takes away some pressure of having to come up with a response instantly, you have time to be thoughtful about what to type/respond, as opposed to an awkward silence over the phone or babbling away at someone over the phone. People can overhear phone conversations, but not chats. You can also send a message and continue with your work till you receive a response. This is convenient and cuts down on expenses and increases your chance of getting the perfect buyer as you can do multiple chats and choose the best deal. We can send photos, talk point to point keeping the chat shorter, specific and less time consuming! Life is crazy and busy these days. Today, people have their mobile phones with them all the time and they use it to engage with people via apps. Also it is easy to save chats for future references. With chats, we can save snapshots as proofs! We can multitask with chatting - have multiple tabs open, multiple programs open. We also get the opportunity to scroll back through the information provided by buyers/sellers.

3. I have a hard time saying 'No' on a call!
I'm terrible at saying a 'no'. On calls, we try to be humble and polite. But online buying and selling requires you to be thoughtful and smart to crack the best deal for yourself. Chatting and texting makes you bolder. Chatting makes transactions a lot easier to convey your queries. You can engage with the party through chats and discuss a product precisely.

Quikr allows individuals to sell, buy and rent products/services across various categories like electronics, cars, bikes, real estate, entertainment, jobs and much more. This online and mobile classifieds site has now added a new feature - #QuikrNXT, that allows buyers and sellers to connect with each other in real-time and chat across Quikr's mobile app. The feature also enable users to chat with multiple users and share images.

Offline consumers get a notification so that they can chat once they are online. Also, users can choose to make their listing private by hiding their mobile numbers but can still connect with prospective buyers and sellers. One can save the chat histories for future reference and can delete or block unwanted numbers.

This feature from Quikr will transform India's online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate at their convenience and request details about the product without requiring a phone call.

A huge amount of frustration is removed as you won’t be waiting in phone queues, listening to the hold tone. There is no unnecessary delay and waiting time is reduced.

???? Baaton ka track rakhna mushkil? The perfect solution is here with #QuikrNXT

???? Difficulty remembering the offers you got for renting out your home?

???? Don't mix up the right deal with the wrong name with #QuikrNXT!

The archiving feature stores your conversations! Keep a record of all the conversations with the buyers. Get Quikr NXT!

Well done Quikr! This will surely save a lot of our time, thus benefiting consumers.

See this video to know how crucial this app can be for you :)

No fikar, Chat Quikr! Bech Quikr!

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  1. I am loving this idea of a chat app for Quikr too!! Support all your reasons, lovely post :)

  2. My reason is - I don't have a phone. :P

    On a serious note - Chat is better for the reasons you have mentioned.


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