Friday, 23 January 2015

The Perfect Proposal

Asad had been signalling since many days that he likes me. It is incredibly conspicuous. He is happy when he is with me. He can be punished for not submitting his assignment on time, but if he glimpses me, he’ll still give me that melting smile. All his family members know about me, that's how much he talks about me to them. So I'm hoping that it is a mutual crush, err.. L.O.V.E. He has an enticing voice for me.. softer, humbler. We are always around and with each other.

These days I look for opportunities to be close to him, and he too doesn't mind. It has been four years to your friendship, actually 'something' more than just friendship. We are a small gang. But despite that, there was never any wrong intention or any wrong touch from him ever. That makes him, my man.

Day after tomorrow is Valentine's day! What better day than the national day of amour? I know its unconventional for a girl to pop the question, but who cares?  Everything is fair in love and war. And this is love. Yes, L.O.V.E, it is! I have postponed telling him this fact since many months. But now I think, I'm ready for the leap and very sure myself. I'm ready to make the commitment and now it's almost unsaid. Doesn't matter who takes the call!

I have decided to catch his attention, not just for the V-Day, but for life. He is my person. I'm thrilled about my plans.

Asad never judges me, but I want to be good around him. I want to look my best! I want to feel pretty around him. Asad says, 'Asmara, you look lovely in white!' I don't want to deck up like a doll plastering my face with makeup. A bit of mascara and gloss. That's it. Asad doesn't like dolled up girls. He thinks they are fake with the overtly done makeup.

As a girl, I wanted to be the proposee. To experience that big moment with butterflies in my tummy. But now, it's hard to wait. I haven't hurried in proposing to Asad, I have known him well for years. So I am comfortable around him. He loves my smile, so that will be my asset. He knows the 'real' me.

I have decided to be direct with him, he knows when I beat around the bush and I'll be caught! I want to keep it simple, yet memorable.

Some things never change, he will meet me on 14th February with his shirt tucked halfway in his jeans and with that hairdo to die for! He is that way, daily. Like a Greek God.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So, I have decided to make some homemade cupcakes for Asad, he loves them!

We are meeting for a movie on the 14th. Plan has been fixed. Inox theatre, Nariman point. I have decided to be bolder. This method of proposing is tried and tested. But I'm a bit filmy, so I have decided to go by this method. I have prepared a short movie to be screened and I will pop the question during the interval. In the video, his favourite romantic song - 'Tum Mile' will be dedicated to him - with all our pictures, moments and memories. Like a mini flashback of four years. This will get him down the memory lane, for sure! I have ended it with a sweet proposal, 'Friendship transformed to crush and slowly into L.O.V.E. Will you be my Valentine, forever?' This will charm him and he will give me 'that' smile. It will be memorable, I hope not embarrassing though.

*After the movie ends*

I have printed on a plain white T shirt, 'Asad, I like you, like I love you.' I'll gift him and wait for his reaction.

I have also written a letter to him, a LOVE LETTER with the sender's name - GOD, with a message inside, "God wants us to be together... till eternity!"

The letter reads ~

"I intend to be your partner for life, Asad. I want to marry you, take all the major decisions of my life with you. There's a cultural barrier in our society that a woman cannot bring up the question and let a man know that she loves him. But I know I'm not wrong and so there is no shame in letting you know that I L.O.V.E you. I didn't want to be a stereotypic girl waiting for a man to propose her. Proposing is scary. Ask me that. It took me months to decide and tell you. Moreover, your decision over it scares me a bit. What if a no? Will I be able to take it? I don't know, frankly. But if you ask me, can I handle you for life? My answer would be, 'Happily, yes!'

Everything I've ever wanted is right before me. In you. Just a mention of you can get the loveliest smile on my face! You're so easy to connect. We have such a great camaraderie.  You and I understand each other, even if things are unsaid. You're never jealous of my achievements, in fact you push me to do even better. I  don't need to think twice before calling you. I admire you. You're my protector when I'm in trouble. Without you, all I am is just a black and white rainbow.

Adrenaline is taking its toll now! I have been planning this for few days now, it wasn't easy, but it was totally worth it. I'm highly nervous and my communication skills are now going for a toss.

I would end this by saying, I really love you. I sincerely do. I will love you until the universe will no longer let me. When I look at you I feel, 'I really love this man.' I love him with all his flaws, all his highs, all his lows.' I see the colour of my future in your eyes. Will you lend me your surname for the rest of your life?? Honestly, I don't not want this to be another miserable one-sided love. I want to earn your approval. But nonetheless, I'll value our decision. Whatever it be."


P.S: This post is for IndiBlogger, Happy Hours - Close Up Cupid Games 2015.


  1. A beautiful love letter, Ayesha. A love story with a difference. Who says a woman can't propose? You hooked me from start to finish:)

    1. Oh! I'm delighted to know that, Vishal :D
      Thank you :)

  2. I loved it. I have a thing for letters and this one is so soulful.

    1. Delighted to have pleased you, Saru :)

  3. Could have been more simple and less filmy :) But loved the way you expressed yourself - cuttingly direct with light splash of romance. Keep writing :)

    1. I have a habit of turning everything filmy; if in real life you cannot, you definitely can do it in your writing. :P

  4. You can can do some of them in your real life, provided your partner appreciates that :) Although the fact remains that films are meant to enjoy and not to copy in real.


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