Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Bedtime Rituals For My Little One!

The title of this post should tell you that this post is about babies! I love babies, to be honest! Some people don't as they complain that babies are cranky. But I completely disagree. Babies are such angels.

Sleep is important for babies. But to put a baby to sleep is a battle for many. To make it battle free, parents should use some tips and tricks.

Pleasurable tricks ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully and wakes up happy. These tricks soothe your child and calm them. Establish a daily routine so that they get used to the pattern slowly. This even helps in disciplining your child.

Here are some fun bedtime rituals I share with my little one, and how they help give my baby, Alia a good night’s rest. Do read mine and share yours in the comments too.

First of all, avoid TV and you yourself be away from your smart phones. This is the time to bond with your bundle of joy at the end of a long, hectic day.

Brief cuddle and kissing sessions to show her how much I love her.

A steamy hot water bath helps my daughter Alia release her pent up energy after the day and relaxes her. It is a soothing experience for her and babies like being washed up - clean, comfortable and dry. I gently massage Alia's  limbs with long, firm strokes. I dry her with a warm towel and change her into a clean diaper and loose clothes after her bath.

While other diapers only focus on keeping dry on the outside, the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness on the inside too. Which is why I chose it for my sweetie - it does not disturb her sleep and truly pampers her.

She pouts as I feed her the milk bottle. Then we play a simple round of peekaboo for some time!

This game entertains her as well as tires her! Then I carry her in my arms and roam around in the house with dim lights, show her the moon and we gaze at the stars in the sky as she innocently waves them.

Then I sing her a lullaby with a gentle back rub to drift her off to sleep on a rocking chair. She loves the soft melody of my voice that comforts my little sweetie. You don't realize but a mother's voice is music to the baby's ear.

I say a short prayer for my little one and for the safety of my little family. I tuck her in, snuggle and kiss her forehead and it's a good night in the warm bed for us.

These tricks make bedtime with Alia less harrowing for me. Try using these to avoid wars with your kid at bedtime, just love your kiddies, because at the end of the day - they are your little bundle of joy! Babies are made for - Love. Sleep. Play. Let them be carefree and do what they are best at.

There's no other peace comparable to something I see when my angel sleeps peacefully as she occasionally snoozes in my arms and I can't resist kissing her forehead.

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