Friday, 27 February 2015

Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!

If you were to upgrade your existing car to something better, how would do so using Quikr NXT

Ummm... Upgrade ka zamana hai. We no longer like living with the old stuff and we soon replace it with the latest one to spruce up our lives. Same happens with cars -  we always want better, faster machines - performance wise! And sometimes we want second hand ones - to practise learning it before damaging the brand new car or we wish, we crack a deal where the car has been used less, so that it is equivalent to a new one. We upgrade old ones by buying new ones!

How I will upgrade my car using QuikrNxt??

1. Create free alerts!
Select your city and get free updates - quick, free. QuikrNxt app cuts down expenses and you stay up-to-date about your choice of car.

2. Crack deals while maintaining privacy.
Keep your phone number hidden and still interact with sellers using QuikrNxt. Share images, do multiple parallel chats that help you make quick transactions and best deals. No phone calls needed. No unnecessary disturbance or drama, only concise conversations. We also get the opportunity to scroll back through the information provided by buyers/sellers.

3. Refine your results - Brand wise, model wise, range wise, colour wise, etc.
You can research well on sites like Quikr for free and then decide your final pick of car. Having a wide range of options in brand, model, price range and colour helps you choose the best car that fits your need.

4. Choosing the best from the used cars.
You can engage with the party through chats and discuss a particular car precisely - not necessarily a shopkeeper or dealer, but can be an individual too - about the details of how long the car has been used, how many km's it has traveled, its features, etc.

5. See product details and contact the seller there and then.
Offline consumers get a notification so that they can chat once they are online. On Quikr, you get all the details of the seller available handy just next to the product!

6. Can buy a new one and at the same time, same place sell your old one! ;)
What is old for you might be new for someone else. So you can conveniently perform both the transactions in the same place with all the records saved in the QuikrNxt app! A huge amount of frustration and delay is removed as you won’t be waiting in phone queues, listening to the hold tone.

???? Baaton ka track rakhna mushkil? The perfect solution is here with #QuikrNXT

Keep a record of all the conversations with the buyers. Get Quikr NXT! Sell your old car, and upgrade to a better one, NOW!

Well done, Quikr! This will surely save a lot of our time, thus benefiting consumers. Leaving behind the barriers of privacy, now: No fikar, Chat Quikr! Bech Quikr! :)

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