Monday, 16 February 2015

My Bucket List! #BefikarUmarBhar

Today's life is so hectic that we are all tied up by the web of clock. Wrestling the sands of time, we have less or no time for our family and even lesser time for our own selves.

So many times we are just heading towards something, with no idea why we want it and whether we really want it or not.

Have you ever imagined, what if there were no worries? Absolutely nothing to hold you back, no commitments, etc. You would love to fly off to another world given that situation, isn't it? Sometimes, it is okay to just let go off all the burden - job, relationship, etc and fly with empty shoulders.

I am a dreamer and an optimist. I feel dreams might become a reality someday, you never know.

What if you were 'befikar'?

These days the song I hum often is 'Matlabi' from the movie Roy. Isn't the song simply fabulous and teaches you to just be free for your own self! I absolutely love these lines,

"Befikar dhadkane, iss tarah se chale
Shor goonje yahaan se wahaan!"

Usually people prepare a bucket list of things to do before they die, and I haven't got the chance to even do that! But thank God, this Happy Hour topic gives me some time to spare for myself and my wishes.

We all plan things we wish to do some time when we are free from the other hassles of life. Here are the top 5 things on my Bucket List that I would do if I was #BefikarUmarBhar to finally live the life I always dream of in my free time!

1. Go on a sudden vacation!
Yes studies are important, commitments are important too. But I wish that one day, I escape all this suddenly, without letting anyone know - on a vacation to Miami ALONE! (Queen style) To roam around the beautiful and mesmerising beaches in a floral gown - carefree like a free bird.

2. Take my instincts seriously and pursue my passion.
Writing is my calling. It is the only thing I wish to do almost all the time. I have even started penning a book. But again the 'weight' on my shoulders doesn't let me pursue it to a level I want to. I want to pursue writing full time. I wish to take my inner voice seriously soon and try a profession in writing!

3. Cut off unnecessary attachments and spend more time with family.
Live life with ease, act like a kid, be with people who don't mind it! We carry a bag full of attachments, I would say superficial attachments and people. We spend our entire life trying to seek 'true' happiness, but we fail to see that our true happiness lies not in the number of contacts on our Whatsapp list, but with the time we spend with the people we truly care for and vice versa! I would like to shun every name-sake friend in my list/ toxic people and just be with the people I love truly. I am sure I'll be liberated of all the unnecessary drama.

4. Travelling the world and see the wonders of the world!
I am a travel lover. I think that comes naturally to writers. Because they like meeting new people, knowing their stories and fabricating those into bestsellers ;) Travelling expands your horizons. I wish to go to London, New York, Paris, New Zealand. I intend to go Scuba Diving and Paragliding! This has been a secret desire. I wish to go with my husband for Scuba Diving to experience the marine life closely and the vast ocean. I plan to try paragliding - the extreme of all sports. I'm sure it will be memorable and spectacular! Also, I want to fly in a hot air balloon!

5. Be the reason behind a huge difference to someone's life!
I like social work. I like doing good to people, without wanting anything in return. As a bucket list item, I want to educate a child in future with all the expenses. A permanent difference to someone's life and so good to know they can never repay you back. :)

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