Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Bold Step - Start A New Life

Tell us about a time when you took a bold step, and brought about a big change in your own life. Share your story with the world using #StartANewLife. 

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop - Confucius.

A right step in the right direction can change your life for the better.

No step is bolder than confidence. A leap of faith can change your life.

I didn't manage to get admission to Medical College. I had two options - either wait for a year or pursue Engineering, as I had done well in that entrance. So I decided the latter. And trust me, when you take the leap of faith and take all things in good stride, nothing can stop you.

You are stronger than you think and made up to be resistant to everything life throws at you.
God makes you that way. 

So today, I have not only cleared all my exams but also came in the top 10 at the Mumbai University exams.

Just take a plunge and dive into it, you'll sail through it. I trust destiny and what God throws at me.

I took this bold step and it has led to a good place for me. Now I even continue my masters at Engineering. A girl who feared engineering, now pursues masters in it.

When life throws you at the rock bottom of the sea, it has ways to teach you how to swim.

Like how it taught me to come up in life even after entering something I was least interested in!

I struggled initially to cope up with Physics and Maths, but slowly - I managed. You ask me - How? I would say I never gave up. Yes, there were moments where I felt like quitting. But you must know each one has a struggle of their own, nothing worth keeping comes easy!

Work hard, believe in yourself and let your life start afresh - even from where you felt it has no scope left. #StartANewLife. 

This big, bold step today has made me feel secure about my education and soon I'll be teaching Engineering to aspiring engineers. This big change makes me feel happy as I look back to where I started. And somehow I feel proud of myself to have taken the big leap of faith and landed here.

All I would say is, acknowledge the situation and don't run away from it. A new beginning can be started any day. You just need to have the faith to move ahead and make it happen. You can and you will.

Take bad times as a fuel and work on. Because life has more for you than you planned. It has big plans.

Every day is a new hope, a new start. Believe in yourself, take bold steps. Life is all about taking risks.

So, stay positive, start your new life today!

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