Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A Bridge Called Optimism (Look Up Stories)

Write a story around a moment that filled you with optimism and hope for the future. 

I had a recent visit to Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai - The Radiology Section. I think what I saw there, a collection of moments of the time I spent there, changed the way I look at life now.

I was there for my project work. But I could monitor the radiology process from outside the radiation room. It was so heartbreaking to see the patients one by one going in with a smile on their face for the therapy.

They are an epitome of bravery. They put you to shame. I just remembered an hour back's time as I stood there still. I was at home then, cribbing to mom for not having enough clothes to wear! I hung my head in shame.

For all the tantrums we throw even after being self sufficient, we crib.  On the other hand, a patient struggling and facing harsh radiation treatment enters the treatment room with a smile - not fearing the huge machine, dose, nothing.  That moment filled me with so much optimism and a gush of energy about being alive and healthy.

The patients looked tired, stressed with dark skin resulted from radiation, with hair lost even on eyebrows and eye lashes. But they didn't look scared. They were brave, I realised. That was the moment, I felt positive about life. Life is not something to be taken for granted.

We can't even sense their pain, because we are not in their shoes.

I saw a 12 year old kid wearing a cap come for treatment. It is not a good sight, believe you me. You have to be made of stone to not feel anything at that moment.

Maybe that smile, humour and optimism was their way to cope with the harsh treatment and Cancer.

This visit taught me that: We need to be receptive to all parts of life and not only the good. It opened doors of optimism about life, love and world for me.

Now, I always see the bright side of the situation when I'm in a crisis. Because whatever happens my situation is not worse than a person shuttling between life and death. That makes me thankful to Allah!

Life is as you see it. Optimism is what comes between life and death. If you're alive, don't act as dead! 

Remember: You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down.” - Charles Chaplin

It was in that moment that I thanked God for the gift of life and good health to me, also for the miracles and good things, I get too blind to see at times. Now on, I pay more gratitude to all that I'm gifted with, rather than cribbing over petty issues.

You don't get everything, but you do get things that are just perfectly enough for you.

Live life, before you leave life. Nobody except you, can cause you stress. Free yourself of the unnecessary mental bondages. Forget the clich√© - ‘The grass is always greener on the other side.’ Water the grass with positivity and it will be greener on your side.  Worry serves no purpose. Live in today. Kya pata kal ho na ho!

Also, don't force optimism around yourself, you're no cheerleader. Be happy within and see the magic lotion called 'optimism' do wonders!

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  1. Very noble thoughts relevant for a world which is increasingly becoming cynical.


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