Saturday, 21 March 2015

Bleaky Future Of India

Hello readers!

Before you begin to read my post, have a look at the video below, if you still haven't come across it! You will be dumbstruck, I bet.

I was just brought across this news video today. Initially, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Today, from where I see, the future of India is bleak.

"515 students caught during Bihar board exams, minister says can’t stop it."

Recently, images of youths climbing atop an examination centre went viral. Bihar HRD minister Prashant Kumar Shahi says it was beyond the state government to curb mob cheating in Class X board examination. Following mass expulsions the blame game begins. According to him,  “We cannot control or curb unfair means…when we are conducting a large-scale examination. There are four-five persons to help one student”.

Most of the incidents of cheating this year have been reported from Saharsa, Chhapra, Vaishali and Hajipur districts.

The clear proofs, news clippings and subsequent police inaction have put a question mark on the administration’s efficacy.

The incident has received widespread attention after Indian television footage showed parents and friends of students scaling the outer walls of school buildings to pass cheat sheets to students inside taking class X board exams. Teachers and state education department officials supervising the examination caught hundreds of students who had smuggled in text books or scraps of paper for cheating. Witnesses said local police accepted bribes to turn a blind eye.

India's image is getting tarnished globally. Where will mob cheating really take us?

One can get a certificate by using unfair means in examination but will not gain knowledge. This large-scale and blatant practice will not help in any way.

Our education system is in serious need of reform. Former Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) chairman AKP Yadav believes that this incident was a result of irregular and poor teaching quality and a shortage of teachers.

Parents are the ones who teach us the difference between right and wrong. This kind of parental guidance will drown India. You can never progress on the basis of certificates of such exams. You need talent. 

This is no window of opportunity. Education experts say that cheating is just a symptom of the deeper problems that plague India's education system.

In Bihar, exams are a family affair, where each member is a Spiderman. Oh, we Indians have left behind Peter Parker!

Education system must produce not only knowledge but also morality in student's minds. This incident is really shameful and shows how corrupt we still are. Knowledge is power and it will open many doors, people will respect you, only if you earn it.

Cheating doesn't suit Indians. We have such a rich culture where we are known for parenting and cherishing values. Honesty and integrity may seem old fashioned to others, but they are our treasured values. 

Children learn from what they see. Parents and guardians : Please know what's right and what's wrong yourself first. Refrain from Bihar style parental guidance! Indian culture is all about appreciating and doing good deeds.

With modern approaches, we need to have 'moral education' in place too. Many modern things maybe against the Indian culture, but being corruption free and honest in all exams of life is definitely not.


P.S: 1. We need to get enlightened on this, would be happy if my pen can make a difference :)
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  1. I agree with your points...

  2. Hi Ayeha
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  3. This is silly, for lack of a better word. Can you believe this picture was 'Image of the week' on CNN's home page. Shame!

  4. I too was shocked when I saw that image & video in the news....

    India has always had originality to her credit.
    Our scientists & doctors & musicians & writers have been t he best...
    Hope our ancient culture continues and parents imbibe good qualities in children, rather than helping them cheat...

    1. Truly.
      Well said, Anita.
      Really disappointed with this news :/

  5. It's really sad what kind of education such parents are giving to their children. It makes me shudder!


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