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Book Review #32 : Frozen Summer & Columbina

Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS; First Edition (2015)
Paperback: 170 pages

Book Blurb:
Frozen Summer - Somewhere in the city of Hyderabad, a young software engineer leaves an interview with broken heart. On her way back home, news of the murder troubles her. The more she learns about the details, the more familiar they seem to her -dangerously familiar. Would she find answers to the several unanswered questions that concern her? Stakes are high, chips are down and curtain rises for an all-out game.

Columbina - World's most cruel penitentiary - THE ALCATRAZ tells tales of notoriety bundled in the shape of men. Alcatraz holds a dark secret that will arise a few venoms and rekindle viscous forces. After a body is found in a trunk on the island, Martin Herd is hired to solve this unfathomable mystery. Finding the truth will pose a big question before him, Should the secret of the Alcatraz be left buried or should it be brought before the world?


This book is India's first ever double header book - two thrillers in the cost of one written by two young, aspiring authors. The cover is uniquely styled.

My thoughts on "FROZEN SUMMER" by Geetha Madhuri:
Frozen Summer, starts off in a train in a south Indian city of Hyderabad and takes the readers on a roller coaster ride. Story is beautifully executed. I would have preferred a little more around the stranger on the call episodes.

Frozen summer is a wonderful journey that takes the reader on a thrilling emotional ride. It made me smile, excited, sad, gives you goose bumps! It has a pacy narrative and that helps you get into the story quickly.  A simple yet powerful story with not many characters to remember. A terrific read with powerful vocabulary. I just couldn’t place the book down.

Frozen summer leaves you speechless and disturbed at the end. The thrill factor is maintained from beginning till end. You feel the pain of the characters.

Laudable effort from the author. It is a wonderful message oriented story. The premise reflects our current society and makes you realize the dangers around. The author picked up a burning topic and dealt it in a very sensitive way. To sum it up, a superb story with an amazing storyline and an unexpected climax!

Frozen Summer: 4.5/5

My thoughts on "COLUMBINA" by Cynthia vincent Daniel:
The story starts on a thrilling and a mysterious note. The murder mystery spun around a masked person with mysterious origin was a fresh attempt with known locations. This story has a huge potential to be a series.

There is a lot of research involved on Alcatraz. The character of Martin Herd, a smart, mysterious and bold detective is definitely one of the author’s most powerful creations. I liked how Martin Herd was framed and liked how the mystery was maintained until the end. There is no nonsense or no unwanted details. Liked her writing style and the characterization is good.

The book is clever and exciting with amazing plot twist. A very huge story squeezed into less than 80 pages. Every page led to a new experience. In just 77 pages Cynthia Daniel Vincent delivers a masterpiece to her readers.

A very difficult subject and a complicated plot expressed in a simple and crisp way. The end is so unpredictable and touchy. The story expresses the pathos of the issue so well.

Columbina: 4/5

Final Verdict
Two new authors, two novels , one book. This book is an honest attempt dealing with subjects that are emotionally disturbing yet so true to life, subjects dealing with the darker side of our society and mankind.

The 2 stories are extremely different, both maintaining their own standards of writing.

All in all, a double dose of suspense and thriller awaiting the readers! Mature writing, stunning narrations - this book offers suspense and thrill crafted with addictive story lines that keep your curiosity level high till you reach the climax of the book.

Must buy. Totally recommended and worth your time! I really hope to see the sequel soon! A quick read for ones with little time.

Ratings (Overall): 4.25/5 

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