Thursday, 12 March 2015

De-stress and #SlowDownZindagi!

Stress is one of the biggest reasons for losing sleep. There are so many concerns, troubles and deadlines that snatch away our sleep.

5 ways in which I de-stress and #SlowDownZindagi when it all becomes too much to handle:

1. Create spa like relaxation room at home!
Oh our lives are so busy that we don't end up having time for the luxurious treatment at spas. So what?! Spas can be recreated at our homes too. A special room or simply a special corner where you feel cozy and comfortable is enough to calm you down and relax you. I have a special corner in my home where I de-stress, a quiet corner with a good comfortable chair, a resting pillow, dim lights and candles nearby. I leave behind my cell phone, books, etc, so basically I leave behind deadlines, commitments for a while for some 'ME time'! Believe me, doing this unclogs your mind and refreshes you.

2. Music
Slow tempo songs calm me down, relaxes my muscles and frees my mind of stressful thoughts. I call it the 'music therapy'.

3. Scalp massage and a hot bath
I self massage my scalp with my eyes shut and thumbs behind my ears while spreading my fingers on the top of my head. I move my scalp back and forth slightly by making circles with fingertips for one full minute with Parachute oil. A long hot bubble bath follows that relaxes my muscles and soothes my mind. I have my favourite handmade apple soap, its sweet odour brings me joy and makes me feel as if I'm at a spa!

4. 20 minute exercise
After a hectic day at work, I usually feel lazy to exercise. But my parents have instilled a good habit of exercising atleast for 20 minutes daily to keep in good health and reduce stress.

5. Reading
Again in my special corner, with a coffee mug in hand and a book in another, I feel blessed and empowered. That's what reading does to you! It sharpens your mind. This activity lifts my mood and slowly I drift to a peaceful sleep as I pay gratitude for the day! Remember, "When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound!"

Btw, just a fact: Did you know that Friday of the second full week of March is celebrated as World Sleep Day!

Reclaim your zindagi! De-stress! Enjoy life, more!

There's more to this post. Hey, wait, listen! I want you, my readers to comment below about how you relieve stress. I will then select the best comment, which will then win vouchers! Exciting no?! Get going!

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  1. Nice tips, Aayesha! :-) I agree with music and reading. I have another way to destress - traveling. I feel the joy of visiting a new place makes you happier and helps you forget your worries.

    1. Thank you, Oindrila! :)

      True that! I love travelling too ;)

  2. My way is simple , comfortable pajama + My bed= Sleep ;-)

  3. Massages!! One of the best ways to de-stress!

  4. Nice post dear. I second your thought about music and reading.... :) All the best for the contest... ;)
    Sometimes I release my distress through writing or blogging and sometimes I release through music. I think music is one of the best way to relax your mind.

    1. Thank you, Arpita :)
      I agree with you - blogging is surely one of the methods to de-stress and de-clog your mind :)

  5. When stress enters in your life then your mind always first left you alone and a powerful negative thought's ring make a circle around you.
    We will rush to those things which gives us peace or keep you in calm.
    My colourful threads always give me peace of mind and directed me towards positive thing and creates a peaceful ring around me.
    Yes, I am talking about embroidery I love to do this as my hobby, my passion and destressing activity.

    My second option to destress the life is capturing birds in my camera. Bird watching and taking pictures of them always my favorite destressing activity.

  6. Playing with children and seeing their happy faces and giving into their cute request :D my best de-stress mantra

    1. Oh I don't disagree with you at all. Innocence of children is best stress buster!

    2. Heheh just to see them giggle and call u weird names makes my day :D

    3. Truly! :) Takes away all the tiredness too!

  7. These are fabulous tips. I usually de-stress by taking a long shower and then curling up in bed with watching a comedy. This is a sure shot way to help me relax and #SlowDownZindagi.

    1. Loved your way of de-stressing, Nithya! :D
      All the best!


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