Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dry Baby, Happy Baby

What are the things that make your baby happy? Write a post about the sweet, silly and fun things that make your baby happy, and how a dry diaper contributes to your baby’s happy moments.

Another post for babies! IndiBlogger prompts/topics make you wander your mind and come up with such posts! I never thought I would be writing about babies and diapers! :D

What makes my baby happy? Well, many things. To list a few -

1. Consistent sleep at the correct time
Babies love to rest. If you don't allow them to sleep in the time they need to, they become cranky and irritable. Getting proper sleep for good duration helps them wake up happily and calmly.

2. Cuddle sessions
Brief cuddle sessions make my baby know how much I adore her and makes her super duper happy!

3. Hot water bath
It is a soothing experience for my baby as she feels comfortable when I put her in new loose, dry clothes after a warm bath.

4. Massage
A long massage stroking her limbs gives my baby relaxation and helps her sleep better without any battle.

5. A good diaper
While other diapers focus on keeping dry on the outside only, the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness on the inside too. The magic gel in it locks the moisture and prevents leakage for up to 12 hours. Which is why I chose it for my lovely daughter - it truly pampers her and keeps her happy.

6. Playful game sessions like peek-a-boo and hide and seek (without instructions)!
Such sessions help me connect and bond with my daughter, Alia. Playing is good for baby's soul. Don't instruct them frequently, just let them be.

7. Lullaby  
My voice to her is melody. It puts her to sleep instantly as I rock her in her cradle.

8. Dancing to 'London Thumakda'
This has become her favourite song off late, so whenever it comes on TV/Radio, she starts jumping and dancing. It is heaven to see her so happy.

9. Feeding her on time
This is  a very simple strategy to keep babies happy. Feed them at correct times and they will not be bad tempered.

10. Tickling
I tickle Alia by making funny faces. When I say 'Boing' it makes her giggle! And it is adorable to see my little one burst into laughter.

11. Visiting parks
Alia loves parks. She gets super excited and chirpy as she knows she will have the best time of her life there!

12. Toys
Alia loves toys. All kids do, they love to spread all their toys in the house and play with them endlessly.

13. My attention
Yes babies love when they are given attention, especially by their mothers. Mother's smiling face makes the baby happy too. I invest time in talking to Alia, maybe she is too young to understand my words, but I still do, it helps us 'connect'!

These are a few sweet, silly fun things that make my baby happy! But all these things work only when she is dry and comfortable. Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness, hence it promises happy moments to your little one! Indeed, dry baby, happy baby. :)

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