Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Testimonial: Best Friend!

Life with you is a walk through happiness. Yes. You. My best friend.

They say every friendship does not turn to love, but love starts with friendship.

Without you, my body doesn't function normally. However I want, I cannot decorate your absence with anyone else's presence. We are two sides of a coin - inseparably joined!

I do not like you at your still, I love your restlessness, because that is when you need me the most.

I feel secure with you. You're my snowstorm who covers the lawn of my heart. We are like an elegantly bound book. I talk with you not in words or paragraphs, but in pages.

I thank God for you, for giving me more than my share of happiness.

No, this isn't a love letter, but a testimonial of the moments we have shared through this friendship of ours. Today, I realise it was 'you' I was always seeking.

As we flit by each other, affectionately, you give me the pleasure of your eyes and time each day.

Our journey of friendship has been an adventurous one! I haven't ever told you a secret. More than a lover, I cherish you as a friend, because you are a gem of a person.

Our conversations, that eternal bond is magic. You're so easy to connect to. We can communicate even with facial expressions and eyes!

You are the selfless one. Your "main hoon na" means the world to you, when I'm in a crisis. I don't think twice before calling you.

How we celebrate our similarities, yet respect the differences! I was normal before I met you, now I'm abnormal (in a good way)!

Not just since childhood or school/college, but any moment we are together, great time follows!

Friendship with fellow girls has always been full of unnecessary drama, but with you it's been a movie -  a dreamy one!

I spill out the details of my day into the hands of a friend who is always there to lend an ear. Always. You.

I love when you share the empty rooms of your mind with me, they are beautiful.

I feel indeed blessed to have you, today, tomorrow, everyday :) You are patient, kind, protective and trustworthy.

You know sometimes how crazy I get, yet you dare to accompany me in public. Your friendship is a million little things for me.

I have a face to call my own, for whom I can write page long testimonials, for perhaps my whole life! You're simply the 'best'!

Thank you, for bringing out the 'real me'.

This love and admiration for each other need not be said aloud, but my hungry words needed to reach out to you, so here's my testimonial for you!

Promise to be there for you, hamesha and forever. we are best friends first, then lovers.
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  1. I visit your blog after a long time and find another gem. :*

    1. Aw, that's so sweet of you, Namrota :*


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