Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Guide To Wearing Loafers Correctly

Footwear forms a key component of your look. Wearing them well can add brownie points to your style and a wrong choice can completely nullify the charm and make you look simply ridiculous.

Destroying the look of your attire is crime, I feel. A man is judged by his shoes. For men too, there's a lot happening in the shoe market! Nowadays, it is not just a black formal shoe pair that remains an option for men; loafers are back in fashion.

A nice pair of shoe can boost your confidence. First of all - know what you're wearing and be comfortable in it. Style follows.

Loafers can be appropriate for both casual and formal looks. It is the art of manliness that makes you look sexy either for a business meet or for that hot date. Like women, it is equally important for men too, to dress well.

Loafers are made from fabrics like canvas, suede or leather. Loafers are the more casual style of the pair.

A Guide To Wearing Loafers Correctly ~

1. Wear them 'casual'
Do not restrict yourself to colors when it comes to being casual with loafers. Wear them in a casual setting with both shirts and t-shirts, jeans, cargo pants or even shorts. Navy blues, browns and tan are popular choices that pair well with regular colours, there is always the option of brighter colors like burgundy to look adventurous. Make sure that your loafers match your belt, take it as a rule!

2. Wear them ‘official’
A smart tailor-cut jacket or tuxedo paired with loafers in black or brown never fail to look formal. They are timeless. Don’t overdo, remember. For formal, brilliant look, accompany with bare minimum accessories without belts.

3. Wear them ‘everyday’ yet look stylish
A loafer pair in navy blue without socks and a pair of jeans will work well, thus enhancing the casual, preppy look. Loafers add an extra level of sophistication to a casual outfit and hence are ideal for summer and spring time.

4. Wear them ‘sporty’
Wear them with your pyjamas, denims, tapered pants, cargos, shorts, track suit or casuals for an unmatchable cool, sporty look.

5. Wear them ‘occasionally’
On occasions like wedding or a family party, a good suit and a pair of loafers can polish your entire look! Pair the loafers with socks one shade darker to your trousers so that they do not hide the charm of the highlighter loafer. It will set a perfect occasional look.

Loafers are becoming increasingly popular and more men are stepping into them recently. With their timeless nature and versatile design, loafers are not going to go out of fashion anytime soon!

Loafers can transform the look of an outfit when worn and paired with the right piece.

You can go sockless, with no strings attached, giving you a lean look - with loafers. The quickest way to be stylish is to wear loafers! Dress sharp, complete your wardrobe - with loafers.


  1. Loafers can really be stylish. Nice one!

  2. It was a perfect fashion post. My husband keeps attending corporate events and other grand business meets. So, I think your ideas are best and I will be able to help him with his packing and looks.


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