Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Book Review #37 : Story Of Tublu

Author:  Jahid Akhtar
Publisher: LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9789382536758
Pages: Paperback, 204 pages

This book is a light read. The pace is consistent and the end of every chapter wants you to continue to the next ASAP. Which is the reason why I completed it in 5 hours straight! This is my quickest review!

It is roughly about Engineering, hostel background and most importantly it is about life! The story after education and the struggles in later life are aptly described!

Jahid Akhtar’s blog is called Flashbacks, and it is so amazing to notice how congruous the name of the blog  is with the content of the book. Jahid has a penchant for rejuvenating memories, his writings induce nostalgia.

In his debut novel, Jahid has retained his simplistic style of writing with neat narration.

The backdrop of the story is set in the late eighties, in Assam.  Every character of the story changes in the due course of time. This book is about happiness, love, friendship, emotions, growing up and life's new twists and turns.

A young, peppy youthful story that has the rustiness of the north east. The environments of the novel are also special and evocative.  

Story of Tublu is an enticing read. As I’ve already said, the language is simple. It flows neat and smooth. As the story takes its pace, it keeps you glued.

The ‘Foreword’ is a kind of spoiler and my advice to the readers is to skip it. You can come back to it happily after finishing the book.

The book has two stars that manage to shine throughout - the hero as well as the heroine.

While reading the book it feels like the author has your pulse and answers your questions in anticipation. It is refreshingly Indian in its language with lovable characters.

Story of Tublu: An Amazing Journey Called Life by Jahid Akhtar delves in the complex nature of the friendship between a boy and a girl, the deep friendship that turns to love in adulthood.

One of a kind plot of the book makes it an essential read.

This book can be a gift for an old friend or anyone who has inspired you ever! I recommend this simple book for all who love life as it comes, spiced up with romance and every other emotion.

Ratings:  4.5/5 

P.S: The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.


  1. I liked your recommendation though I haven't read it.
    Accepting the winds of changes is the best way to live, Don't you agree too? :)


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