Saturday, 25 April 2015

#CelebrateLife Everyday

Festivals and big occasions like a promotion or a wedding are generally a cause for celebration for everyone. A celebration gets our spirits up and makes our days sparkle with excitement. So the question is, why wait for an event to happen? Why can’t we #CelebrateLife everyday?

Today, I am writing about things that I need to lead a happy life and celebrate every moment. These things are simple that make big occasions unnecessary, making me want to enjoy the moment I'm living in.

Happiness can be found in simple things.  Over planning kills magic. You can't plan to be happy, but yes you can attract happiness. Happiness is not in materialistic things.

What happiness means to me ~

1. Family
I find happiness in the crease of my parents' smiles. Their support helps me de-stress. The bonding with your family can help you fight depression and sadness. Happiness is when they say, they are proud to have a daughter like me.

2. Books
I find happiness between pages of a book! The sight of my bookshelf brings me so much happiness! And I always want to keep adding more to my collection and have a personal library at home!

3. Shopping
I feel no shame in shopping, even impulsive shopping! It makes me happy and I feel free as I have my own fashion parade before the mirror trying the outfits.

4. Seeing old couples
Yes, seeing them gives me a sense of happiness that maybe one day even I'll find someone with whom I can grow old. The thought brings a smile on my face.

5. Writing
I love writing. Writing helps me unclog my mind and I feel pleasant after sharing my thoughts on my digital diary - my blog. Writing blesses me with some - ME time!

6. Buying myself Orchids
I love flowers and especially Orchids! Whenever I feel gloomy, I buy myself flowers as I return home. It changes my mood instantly.

7. Weekends
Thank God for Fridays! I love Friday evenings. I am a lazy person and I love resting at home in my zone - living as I am.

8. Gratitude
Being thankful for what you have also leads to happiness. Ever tried thanking God in your prayers for all that you have, rather than giving Him a long list of what you want? Do try. It gives immense peace.

9. Doing small favors on people around me
Help others. It helps you help yourself. What goes around comes around, small acts of kindness will always bring you good. Help people who can never repay you back, it's soothing, I tell you.

10. Sleeping
Last, but not the least! I love sleeping for hours - like babies; sleeping without setting an alarm - is heaven! I love sleeping diagonally on the bed, ruling it all over!

11. Letting go
I have learnt by now that cribbing and clinging onto people will do me no good. Letting go brings me happiness and mental stability.

12. Winning vouchers for your post
Writing is my passion. But it feels extremely happy and satisfying when you get somewhat paid for it (that too in the form of vouchers)! *winks* Happy writing, happy splurging!

I would like to finish up my post by saying, 'Do what makes you happy.' Happiness is always here, around each one of us, we only have to attract it! Celebrate each day as it comes.

Tell me what makes you happy! Till then - Stay happy, keep smiling!

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  1. Blissful post and a cold shower of optimism. Loved reading it through words and feelings entwined.

  2. Stay happy and keep on spreading the positive vibe! :)


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