Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tips To Buy A Perfume For Everyday Use

We all love perfumes and try out a variety of them. But do all suit us? No.

Finding the best fragrance is always a difficult task. The right perfume can define your personality. So we should choose it wisely.

A perfume is a very personal thing, remember. Knowing your smell, perfumes can remind someone of you, make an impression, etc. Choose a sophisticated perfume that doesn't smell cheap and smells amazing on you.

Honestly, I would prefer a musk base perfume, sensual and not too overpowering, that makes me feel zingy every day.

Here are a few tips on how to buy that 'perfect' perfume for everyday wear.

1. Look out for authentic brands that sells good quality products. Because a wrong perfume can damage your skin too, causing skin reactions and scars because of harsh chemicals.

2. Compare products. Filter your choices by brand, color and price range. Compare the smell, and most importantly, see the contents of it.

3. Don't get influenced by another person using it, because it may so happen that it can smell totally different on you.

4. Try samples before purchase and pick a long lasting perfume - the one which is low on evaporation.

5. Pick the one that makes you feel fresh on applying it!

6. Sometimes, branded ones can ditch too! Concentrate on the 'fragrance' and not the tag!

7. Do your homework and explore more!

8. Choose according to your age, season and occasion.

9. For everyday use - pick - soft, refreshing, subtle citrus blends, musk based.

10.Choose the exact type according to concentration and lasting power. Remember the basic 4 types - Oriental, Woody, Floral and dry woods.

Note 1: The common concentrations of perfume are Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette.

Note 2: An Eau de Parfum has more extract than an Eau de Toilette, so an EDP is stronger and last longer. Eau de Parfums are generally more expensive than Eau de Toilettes, since they have higher concentrations of perfume and less alcohol. Preferably these are used on occasions.

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting", said Christian Dior.
Happy shopping!

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