Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ek Nayi League

Kapil Dev is recently found to be sending video messages to Kapil Sharma, Sania Mirza, M.S. Dhoni, etc. He apparently talks of having created a new league.

Kapil Dev is coming up with something called ‘Ek Nayi League’. He has been talking to celebs about how they would fail if they played his new league; he further challenges them that if they play with all their heart, they might end up losing.

In these videos, Kapil Dev is telling Kapil Sharma aka Bittu that he admires the way in which Kapil throws a googly at almost all the guests in his show, 'Comedy Nights With Kapil'. Yet, he challenges Sharma to play his new googly!

He addresses Dhoni about his retirement plans, and concludes the video by saying golden words, "Stars never retire."

He appreciates Sania Mirza for her accomplishments and feats. But again warns her about playing his league with all her heart.

He feels so proud of Yuvraj Singh for his love of cricket who after the cancer battle signed a 16 crore contract for IPL. But he roots for not always playing with your heart.

I think it is going to be a quiz show. I didn't want to think too mainstream. So I don't think, this 'new league' would be something related to Cricket. I think it is a quiz show because the brand banner shows Kapil Dev signalling us to use our brains.

In the videos too, he keeps advising, 'Dil se khele toh hit wicket'! So I wildly guess that this might be a game show where you'll need to play with your brain and not heart. Because if you play with all your heart, you may fail. 

Seems to be a dream team. The 50-second video message is a trailer of the new league but it does not give away much details. It is still difficult to guess - who will play, what will be the format, how the players are chosen, etc.  but I am sure it will be something refreshing. Looks like this legendary sportsman is up with a fresh concept to entertain us.

The mystery factor related to this league will earn it many brownie points and people are really wondering and looking out for clues from Kapil Dev as to what this is all about.

Oprah Winfrey said, 'Follow your heart." Kapil Dev seems to be saying exactly the opposite. Maybe this show is about decision making, being precise and taking decisions with head in place. Sometimes we get too carried away while taking decisions with heart, so maybe this show/game can be a preacher.

We can only guess, this is mine. What do you think about Kapil dev's videos and his 'EkNayiLeague' initiative?  What will it be about? Post your views in the comments below. You can post your view here too and win some great prize!

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