Friday, 26 June 2015

Haiku #15 ~ Writer's Block

Words stop on my tongue,
Won’t pass through my fingertips.
Is this writer’s block?

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Book Review #41: Glorious Uncertainties

About the book
After winning the Miss Bangalore title, Garima Pradhan is offered a lead role in a movie. She resists the temptation, preferring to complete her MBA course. She then takes up a job in a bank where one day she meets Deven Herai, a high value customer, in a most unromantic situation. The two, nevertheless, fall for each other soon and after a brief courtship, they tie the knot. Garima is soon disillusioned... she finds herself reduced to a trophy wife... Unfazed with the difficulties, she fights back and emerges victorious, and discovers the purpose and peace in life.

About the author
PeeKay (Prashant Kumar Singh) hails from a family of political leaders and bureaucrats. After his schooling in Kanpur, he graduated from Allahabad University in political science and philosophy. As per the family tradition, he spent a few golden years of his life attempting to get into civil services after completing his MBA from Delhi. After unsuccessful attempts in civil service exams and a couple of entrepreneurial projects, he switched to the corporate sector and became a banker. He currently manages the Wealth Management portfolio of a leading bank in India. He counsels on parenting, career and relationship issues, which has helped many and has earned him the title of 'Banker by profession but Human Behaviourlist by nature'. This is his debut novel.

"Glorious Uncertainties" is an inspirational and fast moving story written by Peekay.

Garima Pradhan wore the title of Miss Bangalore, all through her adolescence. People were amazed of her beauty. However, she waits till she is 21 & in the final year of her MBA course.  After winning the title, Garima feels the world at her feet.

Life is full of delightful surprises & sometimes inglorious uncertainties. Reghu Reddy, a well know director tries hard to convince Garima for signing 3 films & offers her Rs 10 Lakh as bondage amount. He insists Garima to join acting classes. However, Garima takes up a banking job.  She later marries Deven Herai, an entrepreneur.

Life takes some ugly turns, as she feels tied up in her marriage. She witnesses death of a child because of lack of medical facilities and callousness of authorities after an incident of rape. She fights back, clears the civil services exam and is posted as an IPS officer.

The story underlines the strength and grit, that a woman possesses. The novella is without any fillers. It is to the point. Best for a lazy Sunday afternoon—to be read in one go. Fast paced, unpredictable plot, well rounded end - keep you glued!

The author from his experience, presents a vivid description of the struggle of civil services aspirants who throng the national capital.

The story line is the life path of a beautiful and intelligent girl, Garima Pradhan beginning from Miss Bangalore then her hardships to overcome her failed marriage, choosing Civil Services Examinations over CAT examination in order to serve the country and at last to become an IPS Officer.

This book is a brave attempt. This book is a story of success, womanhood, courage and strength. I felt good after reading this book, as a woman!

Ratings - 4.2/5
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Rekha Bharadwaj Live Concert, 14 June, 2015

When the renowned, national award winning, playback singer, Rekha Bhardwaj was performing live, which music lover would like to miss it?  I was sent two VVIP passes for the event by BlogAdda, the blogging partners for the event. Lucky me, eh?!

The Music Icon and bollywood playback singer Rekha Bharadwaj at Dublin Square, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, dreamy it was!  Can't thank the BlogAdda team enough! It was a perfect setting for the mesmerising performance.

Rekha Bharadwaj is known in the industry for her style. She is the recipient of the National Award for her song in the film Ishqiya in the year 2011.

And what a night it surely was, with Rekha having already wooed many hearts with her charismatic voice in many hit Bollywood chartbusters, started performing her hit numbers like "Tere Ishq Mein", “Kabira”, “Darling”, “Genda Phool”, "Humri Atariya", “Ranjha Ranjha”, "Namak Ishq Ka" among others. She is so versatile! The Sufi ambience that was created as she whirled around, mesmerizing simply! Watch the video for a sneak peek!

The audience swayed to her voice and the amazing orchestra accompanying her kept pace with her mesmerising voice. It was indeed a great pleasure watching and hearing a great performer live who has so many hit Bollywood songs and numerous awards to her name. The crowd peeped in to get her glimpse! She is so popular among the music lovers!

Being such a big star, she didn't leave behind her modesty, as she introduced her accompanying artists on the orchestra. They were all superb in what they were best at!

Her distinctive nasal voice, singing style and unconventional choice of songs ever since she made her Bollywood debut in 2004 makes her just phenomenal. So glad I could witness this concert!

The ambience with Rekha’s voice was simply mesmerising! Adding value to the setting was the multiple dining options at the venue such as 212 All Day CafĂ© and Bar, The Irish House, Rainforest, The Big Kahuma,  and Pizza Hut, who were serving their best food and beverages to make this event memorable and lively!

It was indeed a fun filled, soulful and pulsating musical evening, I wish it never ended. She ended the night with an encore to "Kabira" as the audience was enthralled and fascinated!

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Product Review: Nioxin

I was lucky to be a part of the #NioxinNowInIndia activity arranged by BlogAdda.  The venue was Nalini and Yasmin, Wella Salon, Bandra.

Natasha and Harsh, the hair stylists briefed us about the product and gave us all the necessary 'khabar' about it!

Read my experience here. Today, in this post I am going to review my month long use of this product. I am personally using the treatment daily and I can feel the difference. I would share my experience.

NIOXIN has developed the following new definition of hair thinning based on scientific, stylist and consumer insights. Thinning Hair = A Poor Scalp Environment + Fewer Hair Strands + Finer Hair Strands!

A close look at hair biology reveals three areas that can impact hair appearance and condition:
  • Scalp and hair environment- Derma
  • Hair growth cycles – Density
  • The change of hair structure over time- Diameter
NIOXIN then approached the formulation of its products by linking the three components of thinning hair to these factors, and then formulating real science-based solutions with its 3 therapies-
  • Derma renew service (Facial for scalp): cleansing hair and scalp to remove sebum and residues,
  • Density protect: conditioning and protecting hair to help reduce hair loss due to breakage,
  • Density repair: by thickening each hair strand.
The Nioxin products come in 6 systems according to hair type. My scalp condition was matched to System 5.

System 1: for fine, natural (no chemical treatments like color, highlights, perms, or relaxers), normal to thin-looking hair.

System 2: for fine, natural, noticeably thinning hair.

System 3: for fine, chemically enhanced (color, highlights, lowlights, perms, or relaxers), normal to thin-looking hair.

System 4: for fine, chemically enhanced, noticeably thinning hair.

System 5: for medium/course, natural, normal to thin-looking hair.

System 6: for medium/course, natural, noticeably thinning hair.

If you crave thicker and fuller hair Nioxin have the solution. The Nioxin System Kit 5 for Medium Thick & Coloured Hair is a 3 step program that has been specially formulated to strengthen and thicken each individual hair strand to prevent breakages within just 4 weeks.

This pack contains the following products:

Nioxin Cleanser 5 - Refresh hair and scalp with this first step. Its cleansing formula will remove the daily residue that can build up on hair. After two weeks of using this every time I washed my hair I grew to quite like it.  It deeply cleansed my scalp and hair and removing all residues and left over products.  This shampoo has a minty fragrance which helped with making my hair feel squeaky clean.

Nioxin Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner 5 - The lightweight formula of this conditioner has been specially formulated to control moisture balance. Apply this from your roots to your tip.  This conditioner is lightweight and works really well!

Nioxin Scalp Treatment 5 - This final step has been formulated with antioxidants and botanicals that refresh scalp environment. Spray this on your scalp after washing your hair, but only after towel drying, as if your scalp is wet then you might feel a bit of tingling as the product gets to work. 

My Views:

The Nioxin system claims to provide 5 effects for thicker looking hair:
  • Reduces hair loss due to breakage
  • Delivers denser-looking hair
  • Amplifies texture
  • Strengthens hair against cuticle damage
  • Cleanses excessive sebum from scalp

Nioxin does not re-grow new hair, it doesn't even claim to do so, but helps you keep the hair you already have.  My scalp feels cleaner and healthier than ever before. The scalp feels cool too, all thanks to the minty, refreshing Nioxin! It has given more volume to the appearance of my hair. More manageable and stronger hair. Each strand feels different from the other.

Easy to use, but the 3 step process can bug you at times. But you need to do it religiously. No pain, no gain. You notice the difference in the long run as your comb glides down effortlessly!

My Mother plaited my hair last weekend and even commented on how she thought it felt thicker! You will re purchase it forever.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Reliance Retirement Fund Meet

Reliance is one of the leading financial service companies in the private sector with interests in mutual funds and asset management. Reliance is up with an endeavour for the young population to start planning young for retirement. Reliance capital asset management unveils its first retirement survey.

According to the survey, India is least prepared for retirement among major economies. Hence retirement planning should be the most important financial goal for India. Not planning for retirement will turn out to be a huge economic challenge for India in the near future. Given the advancement in medicine, healthcare and lifestyle, planning for post retirement is must.

In India, only 16% GDP is into retirement assets. Today, only 1% is spent on public health, but if we do not plan ahead, this will increase to 6% by 2050. This rise will cause a huge loss to government and economy.

Amongst other economies, Australia, US and UK are well prepared, whereas India and China are amongst the ill prepared economies.

Why buy a retirement plan?
1. To take care of family
2. To be independent

Most of the people refrain from buying a retirement plan as they believe their children will take care of them. Joint families are giving way to nuclear families and there are so many old people living alone. This calls for urgent retirement planning in India.

Preferred age to buy oneself a retirement plan is between 30-40 years.

Many women today are buying these plans as they no longer want to be dependent, which is quite a positive sign.

The biggest challenge in retirement is inflation. the income stops, but expenses keep growing.

Retirement planning includes 2 phases -
1. Accumulation phase: This is when you build assets aggressively, by saving and investing in the earning years. This is a growth phase.

2. Distribution phase: This is when you use the assets and assure that your retirement is safely funded. It begins when you retire and it requires careful protection, management and use of assets.

Small amounts saved in early age, helps in accumulating a large corpus over the years. Saving alone will not help, aggressive investment strategy is essential.

To ensure a life of dignity in your 'second innings', sensible retirement planning is necessary.

We all work for money all our lives, but is our money working for us?

Plan your retirement now. Reliance website also has a retirement fund calculator. Do check it out.

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

That Kiss

Eyes glued,
A wet tongue tracing your lips,
Upon breath upon,
Lovely ephemeral breath,
Rests amorous kiss,
Melting on my lips.

A dizzy delight,
Hot-breathed kiss,
Life disappears,
Replaced by fireworks,
Such sweet surrender,
Thunder in the mind,
Madness engulfs the body.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Fresh

Every Sunday after the mass, people left fresh roses at his daddy's grave.

He sold them for Rupees ten each.
Even in death, daddy looked after him.

His livelihood thrived on the kindness and mercy of few people at the church.

Every Sunday, he left the church smiling.

P.S: This post is written for Five sentence fiction for Fresh at Lillie McFerrin Writes.