Thursday, 18 June 2015

Book Review #41: Glorious Uncertainties

About the book
After winning the Miss Bangalore title, Garima Pradhan is offered a lead role in a movie. She resists the temptation, preferring to complete her MBA course. She then takes up a job in a bank where one day she meets Deven Herai, a high value customer, in a most unromantic situation. The two, nevertheless, fall for each other soon and after a brief courtship, they tie the knot. Garima is soon disillusioned... she finds herself reduced to a trophy wife... Unfazed with the difficulties, she fights back and emerges victorious, and discovers the purpose and peace in life.

About the author
PeeKay (Prashant Kumar Singh) hails from a family of political leaders and bureaucrats. After his schooling in Kanpur, he graduated from Allahabad University in political science and philosophy. As per the family tradition, he spent a few golden years of his life attempting to get into civil services after completing his MBA from Delhi. After unsuccessful attempts in civil service exams and a couple of entrepreneurial projects, he switched to the corporate sector and became a banker. He currently manages the Wealth Management portfolio of a leading bank in India. He counsels on parenting, career and relationship issues, which has helped many and has earned him the title of 'Banker by profession but Human Behaviourlist by nature'. This is his debut novel.

"Glorious Uncertainties" is an inspirational and fast moving story written by Peekay.

Garima Pradhan wore the title of Miss Bangalore, all through her adolescence. People were amazed of her beauty. However, she waits till she is 21 & in the final year of her MBA course.  After winning the title, Garima feels the world at her feet.

Life is full of delightful surprises & sometimes inglorious uncertainties. Reghu Reddy, a well know director tries hard to convince Garima for signing 3 films & offers her Rs 10 Lakh as bondage amount. He insists Garima to join acting classes. However, Garima takes up a banking job.  She later marries Deven Herai, an entrepreneur.

Life takes some ugly turns, as she feels tied up in her marriage. She witnesses death of a child because of lack of medical facilities and callousness of authorities after an incident of rape. She fights back, clears the civil services exam and is posted as an IPS officer.

The story underlines the strength and grit, that a woman possesses. The novella is without any fillers. It is to the point. Best for a lazy Sunday afternoon—to be read in one go. Fast paced, unpredictable plot, well rounded end - keep you glued!

The author from his experience, presents a vivid description of the struggle of civil services aspirants who throng the national capital.

The story line is the life path of a beautiful and intelligent girl, Garima Pradhan beginning from Miss Bangalore then her hardships to overcome her failed marriage, choosing Civil Services Examinations over CAT examination in order to serve the country and at last to become an IPS Officer.

This book is a brave attempt. This book is a story of success, womanhood, courage and strength. I felt good after reading this book, as a woman!

Ratings - 4.2/5
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  1. I am so glad to see that you liked the book, Aayesha. Thank you so much for your review, and for being part of the tour. I really appreciate it.

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

    1. It was a wonderful read. Thank you for the book, Sarika!

  2. Sounds like a good read. 4.2 rating is high enough.

  3. It looks like an uplifting read. Nice review, Aayesha :)


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