Friday, 31 July 2015

Book Review #44 : Legacy

Book Name: Legacy
Author: Mohan Prasad
Publisher: Lead Start Corp Publishers

Legacy is meant to be read by every patriot who is interested in knowing the story of India, post independence, but finds History books not engaging and interesting enough! Believe me this will keep you hooked. 

After a long time I have closed a book with a sense of satisfaction that I have read a good book.

"Legacy" is written by Mohan Prasad an ex IITian and is unlike any written by the students of India's elite institutions so far. I bet. An incredible debut by Mohan Prasad.

It's an inspiring story, as India stumbled again and again since independence, but always got up, coped up and moved on, carrying with her the billion people, their hopes, their aspirations. The central character of the novel is 'India'.

The other two characters, Darshan and Anita, act as the narrators, through whose eyes we see the enchanting saga of India. It's interesting, exciting, passionate and endearing. It's a period epic, very interestingly written. It's a love story too, an unusual journey called life, an adventure called experience.

If are looking for cheesy-cheeky-candy flirting story, or a Chetan Bhagat's Revolution 2020 kind of stuff, this book isn't for you.

This book acknowledges the truth existing around us, which most of us are afraid to acknowledge. It is a brief history of India since last 70 years. The book manages to touch almost every social issue that has hit us over half a decade - be it the scars of untouchability, kidnapped marriages and dowry, Kosi-floods-droughts, Lalu-raj, neglect of Bihar by Central administration.

A lot of hard work has been put up since there are a lot of details of the past and it feels the author has very good know-how about the happenings, not just current but also the past! Because every historical event that you have ever heard of in north India had found its place in this book possibly in most interesting way.

India in 330 pages - that's 'Legacy' for you.

A love story waving between agony and delight with potent characters of post-independence India. I must congratulate the writer, Mohan Prasad, for this effort!

A must read!

Rating: 4.8/5


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