Sunday, 26 July 2015

Things To Do For People You Love!

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You can never do just a thing for people you love. I believe in showering the people I love with so much love that they always are drenched with care and support.

1. Never forget to notice important things about them: I am forgetful at times, with him. But I remember what he wore, when. I remember how he smelled on our first date. I remember all the stories he has ever told me, like ever. I don't forget to make him laugh and smile. I am forgetful at times, because I am busy noticing the important things about him. I mess up with the names he tells me, I mix 'Reddy' with a 'Shetty', I am forgetful, yes, but I never forget to love him. I love him because he wants to know my favorite color, how I like coffee and so much more.

2. Loving them for what they are: I do not know what love means for everyone, but I can tell you what it means to me. It is knowing all about a person, and still wanting to know more. Love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of. Loving him is being comfortable with him yet feeling weak in the knees every time he walks towards me, smiling. Always look for a person who is strong and sure footed, their mouth full of your name, with no room for lies, open hearted and bold enough to see through your disguise.

3. Commit a 'forever': Love is knowing that you are not perfect yet he treats you as if you are. As flawed, unattractive or unaccomplished I am, his love is like the sunlight that enters a broken window and illuminates a dark room. Love is getting old together, seeing his wrinkles, gray hair and yet fall in love all over again! Love is making connections between your hearts, souls and minds, rather than between bodies.

4. 'Treat them like you are still trying to win them - you'll never lose them.': I read these golden words somewhere and they always make perfect sense to me. When you love someone all the things start to disappear and become irrelevant, you recognize the scent of their skin, their essence as a person.

5. Be a constant source of happiness for them: Love is making the other a better person over time, being a cheerleader and a trusted confidant. Having him is like having a shelter to run to in the midst of a storm. I usually do not believe in depending for happiness on to someone else, other than my own self; but what if I tell you - he is me and I am him? We are not two separate souls, just two different people physically? You know what his real power is? The size of my smile when I sit next to him. I am stronger with him around.

6. Choose them, daily: I can take down that wall I built for most of the people before him. I don't need to impress him, I can just be 'me'. That's love. I don't disagree that there can be someone greater than him, maybe, just maybe, more attractive than him, more fortunate and so on. But that's life - full of temptations. Above all, what I realise is, there are people greater than me too, yet he chose me. I now feel, that everything in my life has led me to him. Because maybe if I had done things differently, I might never have met him. We just belong together, to be partners in crime and everything else. He makes me believe in sheer luck, coincidence and fate. Choice is the thing - I choose him, day after day. It is a privilege to call him all mine.

7. Believe them: There are some feelings that fill you up, that dig their roots into your skin and never let go, they swell and blow you over - like wind and waves; love is one such feeling. He fills a void like no else can. The one who makes ordinary moments magical. He brushes hair out of my eyes, he calls to ask if I am home safely. He tells me that I am the most beautiful girl in the world and for the first time in my life - I believe it! I trust him enough to catch me when I fall. He is worth everything.

8. Be their 'witness': Ask me to define a beautiful life - I would lean my head on his shoulder, hold him close and answer with a smile - "Like this!" Where is my heart? It all comes down to the person I think of last, before sleeping. We all need a witness to our lives. What does one life mean in a world of billion people? My life will never go unnoticed, nor will his. Because in love, you are a witness to each other's lives.


  1. Such a sweet post, and one should definitely keep these things in mind if they want to express their love :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it, Deeshani :)

  2. Amazing post, Aayesha. It's such small things that makes love a power emotion in our lives:)

  3. A lovey-dovey post, Aayesha!
    Yes, #OneThingForLove is less coz we wanna do all the things for our loved ones :)

    1. Thank you, Anita! :)
      Loved writing for your inspiring prompt! :)

  4. To love is to accept the person for who he is, flaws and all.
    I love this! :)

    1. Thank you, Lux! I cherish your views :)

  5. So beautifully written Ma'am 😌


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