Friday, 24 July 2015

What It Takes To Be Happy?

To all those you come across this post,

Hi. I am writing this piece to comfort myself and reminding myself - that life after all isn't so bad. Also, nothing lasts forever. Happiness is bound to be followed by sadness and vice versa. Both grow you. And so reading this may make you feel happy too. Try it.

I, as a person, am very independent. I do not like depending on anyone for anything. Be it physical dependence, emotional dependence, etc. 

Let me tell you - emotional dependence on an xyz person is the worst kind of dependence. This is when you are completely dependent on someone or some people for your happiness and everything rest that happens in your life. This kind of dependence will either make you fly at times or shatter you completely.

With me, I have noticed that I mind things that don't make me feel good, put me down, and that keeps me gloomy all day. I cry over things; come out stronger. But, what if you ignored those things and kept your standard always high and filtered these things to hug happiness? You just have to push yourself away from the 'sadness'. Happiness is always a welcoming feeling. It never shoos you away.

But hey! Here's a tip! Never rely on anyone for happiness, never ever. Believe you me, expectations hurt. And there is nothing you can do, when expectations fail. So it is always better to bank on just one person throughout. Want to know who? Oh! Just have a glance at the mirror. The key is - how you react!

You yourself should feel empowered, to take decisions for your own good. Remember no one knows you like you know yourself. And no one can think the best for you than your OWNself! You know your deepest fears, anxieties. You are your best friend. Self love is the most prior kind of love needed! You cannot love anyone if you do not learn to love your own self. Have your own back.

So take a minute to ponder and analyse yourself- who do you rely on for your happiness? Who do you give the power to hurt you? Who do you give a chance to give you a 'dimag-ki-dahi' situation?

Remember, not everybody deserves your energy. And never let anyone compromise on your dignity.

Life is short, so let negative thoughts and people go away. Very away. You can't control situations and moreover you can't control the people involved. They don't mean a thing anyway. Love yourself enough and stay happy. Learn your lessons in time. There is a silver lining to every grey cloud!

I feel good after penning this reminder down. Did you? I hope it did. Life goes on, never forget to be happy. Maybe, just maybe, we are smiling together now! :)


  1. You're quite right, one should never rely on some one for happiness, only you yourself can and must be the reason of your happiness. A wonderful and inspiring post. :)

    1. Well said, Deeshani :)
      Good to connect.
      Glad I could make you smile!

  2. I believe in free love and without expectations so as not to indulge self harm. Agree with the thought, one should never be emotionally dependent. A brilliant thought, Ayesha, and we don't owe anyone our happiness.

    1. Truly, Vishal. I completely agree with your thoughts! :)


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