Saturday, 29 August 2015

Book Review #45 : Without You

Author: Preethi Venugopala
Genre: Romance
Publishers: Write India publishers
Pages: 208

It is a delight to read a book from an author whom you know personally. And if the author is a fellow blogger, then it manifolds the excitement. Preethi Venugopala is a blogger friend, a grammar Nazi and a great story weaver. I am a visitor at Preethi's blog and I enjoy the short stories she pens!

Preethi sent me an author signed copy of 'Without You' and I was so happy to hold her book in my hand.

'Without you' is a teenage romance story penned beautifully. This book is a debut attempt and you won't really feel so, while reading the seamless narration and eloquent language. There is a lucidity about her writing that keeps the reader hooked right from the start.

If you pick this book on a lazy Saturday/Sunday afternoon, you will easily finish it off in a single go. The narration allows you to connect easily with the characters and new events keep you engaged throughout.

Although the plot of 'Without You' is not something out of the box but Preethi pulls it off really well.  The plus points of the book are - the vivid descriptions of the picturesque places Ananya visits and the beautiful message that the book conveys.

Whirlwind romance, expectations, separation, depression, longing, betrayal, etc. makes you feel the story through Ananya's eyes. Another treat is how every chapter began with a quote to set the mood for what we were about to read.

Preethi talks about reincarnations and celestial connections to explain the concepts of love at first sights, soulmates, and the best part is that she makes it look believable and reasonable to the reader.

Preethi did a better job as a debutante than many writers that we see today. Her book is a racy promising love tale. She has brilliantly worked on each character with a well planned plot.

The cover of the book with a girl's back side image, lost in thoughts is intriguing. After knowing that Preethi is multitalented, I somehow feel, she has painted the cover picture too for her won book, just a guess though. The book title is apt as it depicts life of Arjun and Ananya without each other. 

'Without You' runs on a very realistic line, with raw emotions we all come across in our lives. There is a certain sensitivity, twist and suspense towards the end that would make you stop for a while. Preethi ends the book beautifully with amazing quotes reflecting love and life.

The warmth and love shared between Ananya and her grandmother is also beautifully narrated. Preethi has brought out the anguish of heartbreak of a young girl, Ananya, very well through her words and story building power.

I love analyzing people’s personalities through their Sun signs and so does Preethi seem to!

As I conclude this review, I wish to let my readers know that, Preethi is a gifted writer who writes with all her heart.

‘Without You’ is about love and its share of troubles. A refreshing, captivating and alluring story which soon promises to become a best seller!

Over all, a perfect pick this monsoon if you are a lover of romance. You will not be disappointed! I would definitely suggest it to all the romance readers.

Rating: 4.5/5

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever, Is Here!

We all crave for high internet speeds. Earlier we used to wait for movies to get downloaded overnight with a lot of patience. But today, world is moving very fast, and so we hardly have the patience to wait.

Fastest downloads are what we wish for. Gone are the days of fast and faster downloads, we need fastest internet now! It is painful to sit in front of a screen that keeps going round and round but shows up no webpage and tests your patience endlessly.

Airtel 4G is here, finally.

Now that it is here, what will you do with the unbelievable speeds that it offers?

Firstly, Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in India and most important thing to note is that  4G services are available at 3G prices which starts at merely Rs. 25! Unbelievable, isn't it?!

As a blogger and a social media enthusiast, my biggest trouble is often whether I will be able to update my activities on social media on time or not. In case I am attending an event, I get excited and I wish to share the live updates with my readers and friends. But I always am under the worry of my internet going slow or not working at all! Even after paying tons of money after 3G, these services aren't up to the mark.

But the recent commercial launch of Airtel’s high speed 4G services i.e. LTE promises that slow internet speeds will soon be a thing of the past. The ad lists down the features of 4G and it is damn impressive! Airtel has put up a challenge too - if your other network is faster, then they will pay your mobile bill for life!

Also, the good news is, if you already have an Airtel 3G pack, you are entitled to a free 4G upgrade, and get the same benefits as your 3G pack. So if one has an Airtel 3G pack, you can enjoy high speed 4G at no extra cost.

The 4G services have been commercially launched in 296 towns across India. Thanks to Twitter, you can get yourself a free 4G SIM home delivered by the Airtel folks! Tweet using @airtelindia and you'll be amazed at the speeds they promise!

I am soon going to try this new venture of Airtel's! I am sure I can pin point the difference between 3G and 4G very clearly! This promises easy movie downloads, faster running of applications without lags!

This revolutionary speed is going to excite everyone and I am sure many of the tech savvy's are already trying their hands on it.

This speed and the flow with which things work after using the 4G surely promise me good mood all day and no endless waiting for the progress ring to complete its 'n' rounds before it shows me up the web page!

I notice that Airtel's "Tweet using #GetAirtel4G for free 4G sim" is still on, so my wonderful readers go grab it, before it's gone!

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Shopping With 27 Coupons

With e-shopping becoming a trend these days, we are always after cracking the best deal for ourselves. The best deals are those where you save more on good branded products. Isn't it?

E-portals show you a wide range of products and discounts or schemes available on them. Every now and then you have to go and check on their individual sites to keep yourself updated.

But what if, there is a site which shows you about all the other sites you are interested in and their current offers and provides an additional discount on those offers? Alluring, isn't it? Visit 27 coupons!

I have recently gone crazy over shopping online for clothes. A lot of time was wasted in searching and hunting for the right deal on my favorite sites - Jabong, Myntra, Yepme.

But I came across 27coupons, there I saw they had an aggregation of all my favorite sites in place and believe you me, it even shows fresh offers daily that can be used to buy stuff ! (with/without coupon code) Exciting.

27coupons is one of the leading coupons and deals distribution platforms of India. They cater to more than 1000 stores and almost all products available on the web.

How 27coupons helps the customers with additional discounts on offers.

27coupons has a very costumer friendly website. See below. You can easily browse through the website and find deals and offers according to your interest.

You can browse active offers and coupons too. You can click on a offer you like and see its details too. Some offers can be used without a coupon, and some require a coupon. If a coupon code is required, you can save the coupon and use it before it expires.

You can filter your results according to your brand/site, as shown in the above picture. It will show you the deals and offers available. I have filtered to know the current hot money saving deals of Jabong and Myntra. As you click on 'Get Deal', it takes you to the product page of the related site and then you can buy the product and while making the payment use a discount coupon code by 27coupons.

You can check out the A-Z collection of stores and brands that are associated with 27coupons. All in one place at your finger tips!

Let me give you an insight of how 27coupons works for me with my favorite brands for women apparel!

1. Jabong

Check how it shows me the active deals under Jabong, some coupons and their expiry dates. You can conveniently save the coupons in your account and use them while payment.

Using 27coupons can help you buy smartly, choose wisely and make the best deal. The best part is you can compare various sites and choose the best offer and in that too - the best discount!

2. Myntra

It shows active coupons and deals under Myntra. Save the coupons and have fun shopping!

3. Yepme

27coupons shows me the active and expired deals for Yepme.

My shopping has become smarter and cheaper because of 27coupons. You too can make your online shopping experience less tedious. Go for 27coupons today and get the best coupon codes for almost all Indian e-commerce stores! Happy shopping!

The list of stores associated with 27coupons:
CleartripMakemytripYatraExpediaGoibiboBigBasketFoodPanda JustEatJabongMyntraYepmeZoviFernsNPetalsBookmyshowTicketgoose or Redbus.

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Image Source: 27coupons

Saturday, 8 August 2015


I am jealous of the moon,
She knows all your 5 am secrets.
I am jealous of your sheets who get to touch,
Every part of you as you fall asleep.

I long for you, as I keep an eye on the empty pillow next to me,
Waiting for your weight to fall on it.
Of all, the sun is the luckiest,
When you're half sleepy, groggy..
And unaware of how much of a hunk you look with that messy hair,
He kisses your lips with light, every morning.

I crave for you,
Yes, I realize now, you could become homesick to people too.
If I can ever do my bit for you,
I'd cut my soul into pieces to form constellations,
To light up your way.
Yes, I would.