Saturday, 29 August 2015

Book Review #45 : Without You

Author: Preethi Venugopala
Genre: Romance
Publishers: Write India publishers
Pages: 208

It is a delight to read a book from an author whom you know personally. And if the author is a fellow blogger, then it manifolds the excitement. Preethi Venugopala is a blogger friend, a grammar Nazi and a great story weaver. I am a visitor at Preethi's blog and I enjoy the short stories she pens!

Preethi sent me an author signed copy of 'Without You' and I was so happy to hold her book in my hand.

'Without you' is a teenage romance story penned beautifully. This book is a debut attempt and you won't really feel so, while reading the seamless narration and eloquent language. There is a lucidity about her writing that keeps the reader hooked right from the start.

If you pick this book on a lazy Saturday/Sunday afternoon, you will easily finish it off in a single go. The narration allows you to connect easily with the characters and new events keep you engaged throughout.

Although the plot of 'Without You' is not something out of the box but Preethi pulls it off really well.  The plus points of the book are - the vivid descriptions of the picturesque places Ananya visits and the beautiful message that the book conveys.

Whirlwind romance, expectations, separation, depression, longing, betrayal, etc. makes you feel the story through Ananya's eyes. Another treat is how every chapter began with a quote to set the mood for what we were about to read.

Preethi talks about reincarnations and celestial connections to explain the concepts of love at first sights, soulmates, and the best part is that she makes it look believable and reasonable to the reader.

Preethi did a better job as a debutante than many writers that we see today. Her book is a racy promising love tale. She has brilliantly worked on each character with a well planned plot.

The cover of the book with a girl's back side image, lost in thoughts is intriguing. After knowing that Preethi is multitalented, I somehow feel, she has painted the cover picture too for her won book, just a guess though. The book title is apt as it depicts life of Arjun and Ananya without each other. 

'Without You' runs on a very realistic line, with raw emotions we all come across in our lives. There is a certain sensitivity, twist and suspense towards the end that would make you stop for a while. Preethi ends the book beautifully with amazing quotes reflecting love and life.

The warmth and love shared between Ananya and her grandmother is also beautifully narrated. Preethi has brought out the anguish of heartbreak of a young girl, Ananya, very well through her words and story building power.

I love analyzing people’s personalities through their Sun signs and so does Preethi seem to!

As I conclude this review, I wish to let my readers know that, Preethi is a gifted writer who writes with all her heart.

‘Without You’ is about love and its share of troubles. A refreshing, captivating and alluring story which soon promises to become a best seller!

Over all, a perfect pick this monsoon if you are a lover of romance. You will not be disappointed! I would definitely suggest it to all the romance readers.

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Thank you Aayesha for this lovely review. I am smiling happily now and you are the reason behind it.    

    1. Aw! Entirely my pleasure, Preethi :)

  2. Hmm. Sounds interesting. I love stories that are not so mushy and juvenile but is refreshing and light. Something to take your mind off adult serious stuff. :)

  3. I’m a new reader and have been very impressed with your post.


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