Saturday, 5 September 2015

Book Review #46 : Arcane Rhapsodies

Author: Navya Jain
Publisher: Authorspress
Publication Year: 2015
Pages: 94

The ability to write a story in poetical form is art not many people are blessed with. Arcane Rhapsodies is magic created by Navya Jain. She left her job to pursue creative writing and poetry. She does a fantastic job at poetry!

This was the first time I read a book that contains stories written in poetic form. The cover of the book generates a mystic feel that enhances curiosity in the reader. This book is an amazing scripture that spins a beautiful tale. It is quite unique!

Arcane Rhapsodies revolves around the famous playwright Henry, who while seeking inspiration for his poetry, travels back and forth in time and weaves together some well known and some anonymous myths, folklore and legends. Henry explores the dark and the light, seen and unseen and even the imaginary and realistic aspects of life, and you follow him through this thrilling journey. The various stories that form a part of the book are in fact that different experiences Henry has through this journey and from which he gets the inspiration for his verses.

Navya proves her writing calibre with Arcane Rhapsodies. Her use of a refined and easy language enables the reader to connect with the various stories, though you might find few words difficult to understand. At the same time she maintains the flow and graceful charm of poetic expression.

What really impressed me the most is that Navya has taken the efforts of providing a summary of each story at the end making it possible for readers to understand their origin and context.

Overall, I totally enjoyed the innovative manner in which Navya Jain has presented some of the most amazing folktales from around the world! She has retold  some very engaging myths, legends and folklore from around the world.

The flowing, charming, bubbling lines of rhyming poetry that have added so much beauty to each tale. I could almost imagine the tales being unfolded on a stage as the verses played in the background.

I totally enjoyed this book.  This is a really innovative way to present the stories from around the world.

A lovely attempt, Navya! Interesting, innovative and a lyrical way to tell tales of times and eras gone.

My rating : 4.8/5

In short: Arcane Rhapsodies is a poetry book that weaves together some known and some unknown folklore, myths and legends from around the world. It is best described as a collection of stories in verses. As you go verse by verse, you will begin to understand that not all is as it seems. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye. The poems will surely fuel your imagination as you embark on an adventure that is bound to leave you thrilled.

About the Author: Navya is an ardent student of her passions- creative writing and poetry. After having completed her management education, she worked as an HR Manager in an MNC for two years and three months after which she decided to pursue other avenues. She dreams to pen many more poems and finish her long pending novels while she works her way into the management education industry. Among her other dreams is to pursue a doctoral programme in management. In her spare time, Navya likes to cook up more stories and work on her poetry blog: Alternatively, she can be found researching for her stories or spending time with her family and friends or researching for the very many management papers and articles that she aspires to write.

P.S: The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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