Thursday, 24 September 2015

Book Review #47 : Made in India by Biddu

ISIN: 978-8172239237
Genre: Nonfiction/ Autobiography
Publishers: Harper Collins
Price: Rs. 399/-

As a child, Biddu dreamt of going west and making it big as a composer. At the age of sixteen, he formed a band and started playing in a cafe in Bangalore, his home town, At eighteen, he was part of a popular act at Trinca’s, a nightclub in Calcutta devoted to food, wine and music, At nineteen, he had college students in Bombay dancing to his music.

In his early twenties, he left the country and ended up hitchhiking across the Middle East before arriving in London with only the clothes on his back and his trusty guitar. What followed were years of hardship and struggle but also great music and gathering fame. From the nine million selling “Kung Fu Fighting” to the iconic youth anthem of “Made in India” and the numerous hits in between. Biddu’s music made him a household name in India and elsewhere.

In this first public account of all that came his way: the people, the events, the music tours and companies Biddu writes with a gripping sense of humor about his remarkable journey with its fairy tale ending. Charming, witty, and entirely likable, Biddu is a man you are going to enjoy getting to know.

I don’t read much of auto-biographies because after a point, I feel, the person self-victimizes or becomes narcissistic. However, this book completely changed my opinion!

This book is exactly what people would want to read. The author neither preaches nor blames. He talks in a breezy narration. He shares the story with you like how you talk to your best friend about it. That’s what makes the book a worthy one.

In today's times when I talk to debut authors and listen to their share of stories where they never got parental support in pursuing a career of  their choice in this as an author I always feel that this is an age old story which somehow never ends. Though I would also like to add here that there are some parents who are willingly allowing their children to take some risks but at the end of the day all that they want is betterment of their child.

He talks about his hardships and the way he has carved a niche for himself in a complete alien land where he landed up with nothing but just his guitar for company. And that really needs guts. It means a lot to witness his trials and tribulations, something that not many people know about. We all know about his international fame and the repute he has managed to built for himself. What we all conveniently forget is the hardships he faced to reach this zenith. 

He proves it to us through his book that every success story has a past filled with hard work and determination. Some of the most amazing incidents revealed by him left me with a smile. It has a very breezy narration for that matter where after some point you start feeling like a close friend of Biddu who has had the honor of listening to the story by the author himself. It warms up your heart and makes you feel proud that someone like that was not very long ago someone like you. He just made a different choice and look where he is today, making the whole world dance to his tunes and let the world know what it takes to be Made in India!

A colourful larger than life character in his sixties who has the gift of the gab and is liberal with his similes and metaphors and puns, and one who sometimes tends to overuse them is the first impression one gets of veteran musician Biddu.

Very less are fortunate to convert their passion into their profession, Biddu is lucky he persuade his carrier in music. I liked the title Made in India Adventure of a lifetime; here adventure of lifetime is very symbolic we find how an ordinary guy with great passion converted his life into a celebrity. At the time of 70’s when parents doesn’t allow their child to make their carrier as a musician or singer, Biddu gone against all odd to make his dream come true.

In last chapter he mentions why he has given the title of the book as Made in India, its given because of his best selling album in India where he composed for Alesha Chinai, also Biddu says that no matter wherever he is in the world he still loves his motherland India. 

I highly recommend this book, it’s an excellent read. An easy, fun read! Overall a superbly written book - high on emotions with right doses of practical wisdom. Recommended for people who enjoy biographies. Biddu is someone you really enjoy knowing up, close and personal.

P.S: I received the book for review from The Readdicts


  1. I love the Made in India album loads and who doesn't enjoy Biddu music. It's lovely to read someone writing in a breezy style, important to connect with readers:)

    1. I love it too, Vishal!
      Thanks for visiting! :)

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