Friday, 25 September 2015

Story 1: #SachchiAdvice

There are crucial times in our lives, when we need a guiding force to help us make a correct choice in life, whose #SachchiAdvice shapes up our lives for the better. These little advices trust turn out to blessings that make us who we are. One such awesome soul was her father for little Ruhi!


Ruhi considered herself unique. She loved ballet dancing. Her father brought her the loveliest pair of shoes. She called them ‘magic’ shoes. She was a victim of polio. But she went to her ballet learning classes daily – dedicatedly.

Her teacher was very fond of her. Ruhi considered ballet dancing her religion. It was her passion.

Soon a tournament was to be held. She was hopeful to be selected.

Her father always told her, ‘You are a miracle, my child. You make me feel so proud, Ruhi! You are no less than anybdy. Pursue your passion and I will always support you. Do not ever compromise on your dreams for the fear of what people will say!’

She was her teacher’s favorite. Seeing her abilities, her teacher chose her for the tournament.

Ruhi was an ordinary girl with big dreams. She wanted to be the best ballet dancer. And there was no stopping her. Her dad brought the best crutches for her.

Despite being polio struck, she never gave up. She is my cousin’s friend. I got to speak to her recently when I came across her undying spirit.

I asked her about her future plans. ‘I want to be a dance teacher. When people look at me, they feel I am abnormal. I want to break that mindset.’

‘I feel I am no less than anyone. Why should I compromise on my dreams because I am bounded by these crutches?’ she questioned me back.

In that moment I felt silly for all my timid complaints from life. Talking to her made me feel so positive about life!

‘I breathed a huge sigh of relief when my doctors allowed me for this tournament. I love pushing myself hard each time,’ she continued.

‘By each passing day, I become stronger and stronger than I was the day before. Nothing is impossible if you don’t give up!’

I was overwhelmed at this girl’s confidence. I decided to attend her show and give her a standing ovation. She was a hero herself. Such people should be celebrated.

The D day arrived. The stage was set.

Ruhi gave her best. She was the star performer.

Her father’s eyes filled with tears of joy as she received a standing ovation from the audience.

‘She is my miracle baby,’ he exclaimed!

Ruhi was called on stage to share her story. She went up the dias confidently with the help of her crutches, yet effortlessly without anyone’s help. She was an utterly strong girl.

‘Hello everyone. I have been showered with the ‘Star Performer’ for today’s performance. I feel extremely honored and privileged. But maybe, not all are. I take this platform as an opportunity to address the pain of polio struck people who are considered abnormal and not allowed to chase their dreams. I am extremely thankful to my father for having the faith in my capabilities. But my dear friends, we need more people like my father. I dedicate this trophy to my father, who accompanies me at every tournament or performance of mine! These are the people who we call friends, family and mentors. For me, my father makes up for all. He is a solution to all my problems. His #SachchiAdvice has truly made  a difference in my life. This one is for you Papa!’ She ended as the audience had wet eyes.

P.S: “I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”


  1. #SachchiAdvice What an inspiring story about the trial and conquering of the world by Ruhi. Love the starting line, don't we all need this guiding force?!

    1. Thank you for reading, Vishal :)
      We all crave for that motivation and guiding light :)


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