Friday, 25 September 2015

Story 2: #SachchiAdvice

My Engineering was over, at last. I was placed through campus in Infosys. I had never stayed away from home. Everyone told me, don’t go, except Ma. When the time to move away came, my mom was emotional, but she never refrained me from going.

I wanted to experience a new city, a new environment. And she understood it well. I was always a pampered kid. For a change, I wanted to fight my battle, leave the circle of love and care and try build my own identity.

I knew I would have to do my laundry, my food – all on my own. To be honest, I hadn’t ever washed my clothes nor cooked. Maggi was all I could cook. But it was time now to explore.

Mysore was where my training centre was. A beautiful place - but away from home. I felt homesick initially and whenever I would call home, mom would encourage me.

My father asked her, “How can you let him go? You are his mother, aren’t you attached to him?”

She replied, “Yes, he is my child. But natural, I am attached to him greatly, but I don’t want to stop him from flying. Being away from home will teach him many a things we cannot teach him, if we bind him in the four walls here."

Life kept me busy during my training tenure. Hectic life - a life where you learn to become self reliant teaches you many things.

A new city teaches you to adapt. Given my background, I was spoon fed all the time. This experience taught me to become self dependent. No dear one to help me out with things, it was unusual in the beginning.

I met new people, made new friends, learnt a lot from them. The training centre in Mysore is among the top 3 in the world. I gained knowledge, not just application wise, but practical knowledge too.

Most importantly, staying away from home with limited finances teaches you to manage and save money. It is an art. It has made me more responsible! My mother was right, she had a vision of what staying away from home would do to me. She helped me take this bold step of pursuing my dreams.

I am definitely a better person than I was before leaving home. However beautiful, nothing can replace home, but yes, some things are better learnt when you are alone. 'Time is the best teacher, if you’re willing to learn', my mother says.

Staying away from home has given me the exposure I needed and opened doors of great opportunities. The pressure keeps you rooted to your goal, distractions are at bay and your confidence grows.

Staying away from my loved ones brought me closer to God. I started praying often and thanking God for a wonderful family!

This bold step has changed my life for good – made me more confident, optimist and I feel glad I took the leap of faith. It worked in my favor.

My mother has given me the most honest and true advice, “Always follow your heart and let it take you where it wants. Miracles are explored and you grow as an individual. Stay positive.”

She is My Only Mentor (MOM)! I feel blessed and I am grateful to her #SachchiAdvice that has shaped my life so well!

Her #SachchiAdvice made a difference in my life, truly. "Follow your dreams."

P.S: “I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”


  1. Congratulations! Don't stop now. Dream new dreams and continue to chase them. But first, take a break and celebrate your milestone with your Ma. You deserve it.


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