Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Book Review #50 : VoiceMates

Author: Anamika Mishra
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Pages: 202

If you like to watch reality shows that fulfill the dreams of many aspirants and are a ray of hope for many passionate people, you will find this novel interesting. Indian reality shows like Indian Idol, etc have given us some really good singers too. I have seen so many reality shows on TV but I have hardly read a book written on reality show journey and its experience.

The cover of this book is excellent. I would like to congratulate Anamika for writing such a brilliant novel. The twists and turns in the story gave me thrills and chills.

Voicemates gives an insight of how reality shows are executed. Then, the dark side of reality shows; what a girl feels when she wants to be something else but her parents wants her to study, the fear of taking risk, the first taste of success and then the failure, lots of emotions in one novel.

If you have a dream and passion for a thing, don't ponder and sit, stand up and take every step to achieve that goal. That's what the novel propagates. Dreams are what make us. So dream big, dream high.

The plot surprises the reader. The book has so much to offer more than just romance. The message of ‘you win some – you lose some’ shines throughout the pages!

Anamika Mishra has done a very good job of narrating the story in a way that intrigues the readers. The writing is exceptionally smooth and never boring where you would feel the music, the irony, the contradictions, the joy of living and the boundless love for all forms of beauty. The reality show setting in the backdrop adds to the entertainment factor.  'VoiceMates' is a very clever title chosen by the author!

VoiceMates by Anamika Mishra is the story of young aspiring singers struggling with their first successes but also with the first disappointments, the first obstacles and the music thus becomes a metaphor for love and life itself with every little achievement requires commitment, hard work and determination. Not only for dreams and passion, but this story also teaches about family bonding and love relationships. 

Surprisingly, for me, the ending was the best part even though it is not what you would have expected. I loved the little twist and how the book ended with hope.

Glad to know that Indian authors are now picking up subjects that have not been used before. This book is India's first novel written on International duet singing reality show. All in all, VoiceMates is a musical roller coaster ride which will leave you inspired and motivated! I recommend this book to everyone who wants to do something in life.

Rating:  5/5 for being so refreshing!

P.S: I received the book for review from The Readdicts

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