Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Real Togetherness

Real togetherness is about breaking free from the tight clutches of our smart phones/tabs and building relationships with people around.

Nowadays, the digital world we have created around ourselves is so powerful, that although we are always online, we rarely connect deeply with the people in real world.

The kids these days are so busy learning and adapting to new gadgets day by day, that they are moving far away from nature as well as their parents and siblings.

I feel, children nowadays are losing their golden days of childhood and simply becoming couch potatoes and gadget addicts.

Nature can help children be active, bring the family closer and together as well.

From  toddlers to school age kids, all love adventures. This fact can be well utilized to experience real togetherness with nature.

Involving natural resources, playing in the middle of woods, etc. require direct interaction with nature which is highly beneficial for the kids.

Outdoor experiences with nature help children also realize their responsibilities towards the environment.

Urging children to plant saplings is another way, you as parents can spend quality time with them, and they also learn the importance of this activity in due course of time.

You can take your kids for botanical activities in parks and show them the types of plants, flora - fauna we have around us.

Real togetherness is when you don't have to look at your mobile phone every now and then, when you don't have to pretend to be busy listening to music when in company of a certain set of people, and so on!

All such activities help develop curiosity and delight in the minds of your children and helps them evolve better.

Children are born with an affinity towards nature. As a family, being close to nature is a way of rejoicing the greatest gift from God - Life.

Mother Nature is lyrical in its existence that helps keep everyone together.

You can enjoy the rains with your little ones, and so many other blessings, Mother Nature bestows us with and at the same time make it a learning experience for your kid. Double benefits it reaps, believe you me!

Many a times, our kids demand for 5 more minutes with us and because of our hectic lives, we do not agree on it. So, today, give your kid that extra 5 minute play time with you and with Mother Nature at the park and see the difference it creates!

Life is very uncertain, a moment lost is lost forever. Before it is gone, cherish it with your loved ones. It is all about making time and experiencing the real meaning of togetherness!

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  1. Not really sure if even we ourselves can make a grip on our usage of gadgets and spend quality time with anyone. But yes, over time we come to the conclusion that being in solitude with nature is very important. I myself don't use cell on weekends. Children should be taken to gardens, lakes and other such places which connects them to nature. Loved your topic, strikes the right chord. Keep writing. Love :)

    1. Exactly, Dharan. For kids, ensuring they get the right amount of time and attention is important. Thanks for reading. :)


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