Monday, 12 October 2015


I am so much into him.

He gives me those fabled trembling knees, heart-in-my-mouth, butterflies-in-my-belly moments.

At times, when I see him after days, I can't much locate my brain and voice and I simply watch him over quitely.

*Ever, wondered when you look at someone, "Oh, I really love this man. He is so ordinarily extraordinary? Beautiful in the ordinary things he does."*

I blush furiously when we do funny lovely things together! He has the effect on me that no one ever had!

He is my sunshine. He knows it very well how to make me un-mad when I am super mad.

We are often so ungrateful to our spouses and fail to see the good they do.

Men maybe less expressive, but when they love you, they have their own ways to cradle us in love.

My husband is the one who brings a smile on my face in the brightest as well as the roughest times. 

He is my sur, taal, he is my whole damn happy song. He is my strength, my solace. #YouMakeMeSmile

P.S: This is an imaginary post written in response to Indispire Edition 86.


  1. Hey Aayesha, beautifully written and so romantic. Love the words crafted:)


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