Saturday, 14 November 2015

.. And In Time, This Too Shall Pass

This is totally a random poem. I am unsure if I should call it a poem even! But it randomly got penned in my 'notes' last night. I thought to share it on my blog today, as it goes with the theme of the next IndiSpire section.

We often get pensive when something goes terribly wrong in our lives. But we never should forget, "This too shall pass". Do good, it will come back to you. Sometimes the more you try to get a grip of the situation, you feel in the pit of your stomach like you're swimming and you want to rest your feet on something solid - but the water's deeper and there's nothing that can stabilize you there. It is okay to not know everything now. Remember your pain is changing you, make sure it changes you for your good.

And don't worry about your heart. It isn't so delicate. It has the stamina to last for a lifetime, trust me. No bone there to break, securely wrapped in a set of ribs, your heart is built to take a punch and still be strong enough!

So here's what I penned down last night very spontaneously after a long session of chronic thinking. It surely leaves me inspired and I look forward to life, each day. Ah, my blog link spells it too "aayeshashewholives" *wide grin* -

"Inner musings,
Inky darkness,
Somber night,
Reflects my mood,
Not everything lasts forever,
Neither the good times, nor the bad times,
And in time, this too shall pass,
Lesson learnt."


  1. This is my one of my favorite line ever- This too shall pass. Nice read.

  2. Nothing in this world is permanent. :)

  3. Randomly beautiful. You should pen things at random for it turns out to be awesome. I too believe that nothing lasts forever:)

    1. I have realized that too, Vishal. Random piece of writings usually turn out good, atleast with me! :)


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