Thursday, 5 November 2015

Life And Wrong Choices

Writing liberates me of pent up emotions. Today's post is going to be a bit of ranting with a bit of muft gyaan. ;)

 I saw an old couple walk past me, today.

The man was older than her,
I guess it because he walked too slowly and had more grey hair than her.

The women slowed her pace and matched his footsteps.
They honestly brought tears of happiness in my eyes, ask why?

How fortunate is such kind of love?
I imagine the many times they have had fights too, but dealt with everything, 
A love that never gives up on each other, is always intact!

And every being on this planet deserves a love like this, I thought.
And if someone doesn't love you this way, please let them go!

You see, the people who do not choose you daily, can do without you as well.

Some people are just cold enough to replace you with other people. The world is full of weird, ungrateful people. "Never mind," Mother Teresa said! Give them their comfort and let them be happy. Time is the best teacher and God always has bigger plans for all.

Let your relationship be such that one day, when another girl, like me, passes by you both, she smiles at you with tears of joy.

Be with someone who you don't have to beg to, to have you in their lives.

People WILL come, promise and people WILL leave. That's life!

But when you see old couples, it strengthens your belief that maybe one day, there will be someone who refuses to give up on you too, despite every damn thing. That person should only affect you and your well-being. That person is worth the keep.

You should do all it takes to save a relationship, with anyone for that matter, up to a certain extent. But once you realize, they are not interested to improve things, you better know your answer. There is no good in investing in cold people and dead relationships, ever.

Value your life and grow happiness around you. Keep people around you happy. What goes around, comes around. At times you WILL realize, some people are not going to give you even the half of good you gave them. It's alright. Life has to go on! 

Because, now you will realize how incomplete you were even after being with them, when you see an old couple walking hand in hand, supporting each other at each step. Some of us are unlucky in loving cowards, because they will always run away when tough times crop up. The best thing they do is, teach you how to live without them and trust me, the show goes on. Nothing stops, like the way you thought would. The world doesn't care. That reminds me of the song, "Kehne ko sath apne ek duniya chalti hai, par chupke iss dil mein tanhayi palti hai." (Blame my filmy self)

Oh even that one, from Page 3: "Kitne ajeeb rishtey hai yahan pe, do pal milte hai, saath saath chalte hai, jab mod aaye toh bach ke nikalte hai!"

When your tears don't move the person you are shedding them for, when your ill health doesn't disturb the person you love, please understand, it is one sided love, which will never bring you any stability. Spare yourself of unnecessary suffering. Stability is in the old couple I saw today. 

If you are struggling today, just do away with the issue that pricks you like a mental thorn, don't let it bother you.  Life will twist you and make you realize, the people you put on a pedestal do not really deserve to be there.

Staying alone sometimes is far better than wrong choices.

On the other hand, the positives: Wrong choices don't always bring you sadness. Be grateful for the nice things it got along and be content with the lesson it taught you. We can make our lives a lot easier if we understand the fact that our time with certain people is limited. If your time with a certain person is over, let it be, let it go. Don't be too hard on yourself. Go with the flow. In life, one thing leads to another, remember. 

It is perfectly okay to not know all the answers in life, right away. It will be revealed to you when you are ready and when it is best for you to know! Don't give someone the privilege to rent a useless space in your mind and heart. They hurt you because you let them. All the sufferings in the world can end only if YOU wish to cease them.

Forget yesterday, because it has already forgotten you. Stay happy, smile more often and be happy to be breathing, right now! And see, it does magic! It flips all the bad things to good and now life seems to be content. Value yourself enough to save yourself from wrong choices. Life is a balance sheet and in the end there always is profit and everything tallies!

1.  Just a random assertion, I appreciate women who save themselves.
2. I just read The Bombay Times today and guess what! Pyar Ka Punchnama 3 will be made from a women's perspective! I am excited :D
3. I am going to promise myself to invest more time in my baby blog now on. More posts to go live from time to time! 
4. Time to be happy is now, place to be happy is here! Don't postpone your happiness.
5. We must learn who is gold, and who is simply gold plated!
6. I know I can be a bhashan giver, I am a professor anyway! I loooove to rant.. *winks* But.. But.. I would secretly love to be a motivational speaker one day, inspiring people to be happy! :)


  1. This was a great read, Aayesha. Agree with you on all the points. Stay blessed. Keep spreading happiness :)

    1. Thank you, Purba for the support :)
      God bless.

  2. First of all, I loved your ranting ;) I could connect to everything you said so easily, it felt as if I was listening to my past. The best thing about you is that you connect to the reader in a second. Yes, every one in their lives do the mistake of getting too attached to someone to the level of compromising on their self respect. But I believe, that is a phase that makes you realise how vulnerable you can be. I loved most of the post, except for your bollywood assertions. I try to summarize your post into one of my favourite shayari - "Sari zindagi usi ke khayal mai guzri, jise mera khayal zindagi bhar nai aaya" . Keep writing. Love :)

    1. Firstly, thank you for such big fat comments on my blog, Dharan! I'm grateful. :)

      The fact that you could connect made me happy!

      The shayari is apt for this post! :)

      Thank you again!!


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