Saturday, 7 November 2015

Nano Fiction 1 : Tense

A big hello to all who stumbled upon my blog accidentally or are loyal readers! Hi! I value each one of you.

Today, I have something exciting to share! I am starting a new section on my blog, today on, called the “Nano Fiction”! My major aim to start it off is to help myself build stories in the minimum possible number of words and improve my word power.

I like trying new things and this is one of them. I have pledged to invest more time in my blog and improve my writing skills. 

Inspired by many fellow bloggers, story tellers, Terribly Tiny Tales and so many others, I wanted to take it up too.

I may not be exceptional, but I definitely wanted to try it! Who is a better judge than the reader? So here’s the first one. Do leave your comments below and let me know how it is! 


  1. It's deep and beautiful. I love it. So much emotions in a few words.

    1. Oh, Lux! That's so encouraging. Thanks a bunch :)


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