Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Nano Fiction 5 : Atheist

And there are days, when you beg yourself to be strong, staring at yourself in the mirror with tears trickling down your cheeks and you just try to hold on and be strong.

But, life is too small for hatred or bad vibes. Embrace positivity.

Life is unpredictable. Take chances, risks are what life is all about.

Do something as if it is your last time, put in your best - in loving someone, in helping others, because you never know, it might be the last time you're doing it.

Maybe today is indeed the last day of your life. Live it like one.

With this positivity, the next Nano Fiction is here.


  1. Awesome as usual :) This reminds me of a shayari by Ghalib - Zara adab se pesh aa , a bure waqt, kyunki waqt nahi lagta waqt badalne mein..

    1. Thank you, Dharan :)
      Oh! That's a very motivational shayari!


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