Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Nano Fiction 6 : Love Heals

Hello readers!

Today, I am verrrryyyy happy!
I had an amazing defence for my Master's thesis. Officially, MTech is over. Now, PhD! *hides* because I want a 'Dr.' ahead of my name. THAT'S IT!

One and a half hour. 102 slides presentation. External examiner. Grilling session. But it's all done.

Ahhhhh *loud scream* *happy dance*

I would like to thank soooo many supportive people who were with me in this amazing journey and always had faith in me!

I am grateful to SAMEER, IIT Bombay for my MTech internship and S.P.I.T for an amazing exposure to research!

Thank you Universe for all the positive vibes.

Just a thought - "Life is a balance sheet and in the end there always is profit and everything tallies." 

A romantic Nano Fiction for today, because today I am happy and not in a Devdas-writer-mood or not in killing-a-character-mood today. Not today! :D

Happy reading. Do leave your precious comments below!


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