Wednesday, 23 December 2015

e-commerce Trends For Kids #FlipkartKids

Last Saturday, IndiBlogger hosted its last blogger meet of 2015! We met one last time this year to share a few drinks and have some fun at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Just loved the sitting arrangement and the ambiance there.

The IndiBlogger team had a quick introduction, followed by a talk by Kalpana - a parent blogger. Later, Chota Bheem and Flipkart team members took over to share their thoughts on the e-commerce trends that are changing the way people shop for their kids. I clicked a snap with the very-famous-among-children 'Chota Bheem'! Check it out!

Various bloggers shared their views on the e-commerce trends that are changing the way people shop for their kids.

I feel, kids these days are super smart and cannot be lured by simple things. Hence, the way people shop for their children has changed too. Kids these days are very much fashion conscious and aware of the latest trends. Hence, online shopping comes to the rescue and saves you a lot of hustle and bustle. Order 'trending' stuff for your children and if there are quality issues, size issues or simply if your kid is unhappy with it, you can change them with easy returns policy on Flipkart! Technology has made things this simple.

My 10 year old nephew already adds the stuff he wants his parents to buy for him into the Flipkart shopping cart, can you imagine, that's how smart kids have become with these e-commerce trends coming up in market!

In light with these changing trends, our team of bloggers performed an Ad called #FlipkartSanta where each one of us covered the different ages of a child and their specific requirements at every age.

Flipkart has launched the 'Li'l Star, India's Biggest Online Kids' #FlipkartKids Store on 19th December, 2015 with nearly thousand national and international brands, awesome isn't it? Makes shopping for your little ones so comfy and convenient. You do not need to go store to store searching for the right outfit/toys/books and so much more for your kids. You just need an internet connection and vroom you go! Take your kid along and browse until you get the best deal on Flipkart from toys to clothing to accessories, shoes, books, bags, and a lot more.

Source: Indiblogger

Personally I love Flipkart and now that it has a special range for kids, it has become so very easy to buy stuff for the kids in the family. Kids are the most choosy creatures!

With the launch of Flipkart Li’l Stars I am looking forward to pampering my little cousins with an amazing range of products from brands like Fisher Price, Lego, Chota Bheem, Disney, Barbie and other international brands that are just a click away. See the image below to get an idea of what I am talking about!

Source: Indiblogger

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