Sunday, 6 December 2015

Nano Fiction 8 : Cold

Life makes me wonder, why some people are so cold and disassociated from emotions? What makes them so?

And listening to "Agar Tum Saath Ho" from Tamasha on repeat mode puts me in chronic thinking mode again and again. And stories are bound to cook in your head; sharing one such fiction.

The video of this song somehow gives me goose bumps. Such a heart breaking song it is! It makes me feel the love and the pain through Deepika's desperate attempt to hold on to her love for Ranbir, his disinterest and their chemistry.


  1. Makes me feel the more you try holding onto something which is not committed, the more it detaches from you!

  2. I mean not all men are so cold in emotions...Some do stand up...

    1. Not just categorizing men, women can be cold too. People are different, hence their personalities. Definitely, not all are same.

    2. True that...Loved your last punch - Nothing burns like cold


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