Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nano Fiction 9 : Marital Rape

"Is a wife merely body parts?" I ask.

What compels a wife to continue living with her husband who is a sex-maniac? What kind of man commits such atrocious acts on his wife, almost daily? How does he get away with this brutality? Is it because marital rape is not a criminal offence, compared to one committed on an outsider? Is marriage for such depraved men a license to rape because of the 'implied consent' which comes with wedlock?

Wonder on basic tenets of common sense, how does a cruel, inhuman marriage remain sacred? What is sacrosanct about it?

In cases of sexual violence in marriage, the woman is a victim. She is degraded, humiliated and made to feel unwanted.

If a marriage is still continuing, it is because she is submitting to it, she is weak, poor, and afraid, has children, is dependent, roofless, and reconciled to fate. She is also often ignorant of the legal help available. 

It's time we empower our women, to fight against anything that harms and humiliates them - even if that comes under a sacrosanct relation called 'marriage'. A woman does not have to submit to whatever has been thrown at her. She and only she, can save herself.


  1. I wish more women could read this. It's important to raise this awareness.


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