Thursday, 17 December 2015

Nano Fiction 10: Treasure The Words

I have observed that quite a lot of people do not take breakups in a way they should. I mean no one wants to experience a break up, but once it happens, I see many people crib or bitch about the other person. Whatever that person has done (actions) or not done (inactions), whatever be the reason of separation, it is painful - if you were REALLY involved in the relationship.

But what I do not appreciate is when people roam about explaining others in person or hinting on social media sites - what wrong the other person did, clarifying their own sides and explaining how right they are. To me, it is a sign of an extremely weak person. I don't understand that if it caused you so much disturbance or pain, why didn't you talk about it to the person who caused it there and then? Why go about defaming anyone or showing how clean your side is, once everything is over!? If you know you are so right, why clarify? Don't you think the other person also has the option of doing what you're doing? But they don't choose to defame you or talk ill about you in public- ever wondered why? Because they truly love you. 

And btw, who in the world anyways wants to know your devdas kind of stories? Half of them are happy you have sorrows and half are not interested - they only oblige to hear you out of friendship.

When people do such things, I wonder if there ever was love between the two of them!? And if they do wrong to you, doesn't mean you have to give it back to them. Hold on! Love is never about revenges. Khalil Gibran says, "Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said - most of the love is lost."

Ignorance is a bliss at times. Flow with what life has in store for you, don't try controlling every outcome!

There are so many beautiful instances in every relationship! Why do people always remember the bad things? You might have spent some good times too. When you both have done 99 good things for each other, why do you remember the only one thing he/she didn't do?

Not for anyone else's sake, but for yourself, remember the good and let go of the bad. So that you are free of negative energies. Karma will do the justice to whoever was wrong. If you had given up then, GIVE IT UP TOTALLY even now, from your wildest thoughts too - G.I.V.E  I.T. U.P.

There's no point in going round and round about the same things again and again. You hinder your personal growth. And it does not ever take one hand to clap. So it's better that both sides reflect and think what their own flaws have been, rather than playing blame games! Common, we ought to be mature enough to handle such things!

I write this Nano Fiction so that people start concentrating on the happy things in a relationship than wrong ones. Enjoy and appreciate it while it lasts. Concentrate on little things they do for you and the words that people tell you. Treasure the words. Because people may eventually change. Their good words don't change. They remain as they are in the history.

Learn to handle your loss. Be positive and be thankful to the wonderful times spent together. Be mature enough to understand the fact that we don't have a forever with certain people and their time does get over soon. Take them as a lesson or a blessing or both and look ahead.

Whether to choose to hook up again or stay single, life still offers a lot more than a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a wife or a husband. Look for it!

Choose to remember the good. Enjoy little moments. Stop chasing people who don't care for you, or your apologies or your goodwill.

Leaving the readers with a lot of positivity, happiness and here's the Nano Fiction - all full of goodness and sweetness.

Today I am reminded of a very beautiful song "Main Na Bhoolungi.. Inn kasmon ko, Inn rasmo ko, Inn rishtey naaton ko!"

Kill them with love, I say! ;)


  1. Loved that khalil gibran quote :) You write awesome :)

  2. Absolutely, some people take it to their hearts...but then why they don't take in the positive aspects of a relationship? Doesn't that matter!

    Nice write-up.


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