Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Narrative Poetry: Mysterious Lovers

Recently, in discussions with my friends, after hearing stories around, I feel, we are becoming too casual with our relationships these days. I think this trend is mainly because, people are easily replaceable these days. They are less tolerant towards each other. Not many people bother to save a relationship, as they have options ready too soon. With breakups and divorce rates rising high, I wonder where are we heading to. All this got me inspired to write a narrative poetry - a poem that tells a tale, without any rhyme.

At times I do find men less compassionate, cold and shallow. I do not categorize all under the same roof, but why men? Can't you manage to be a bit softer and less harsh? Women love a bit differently, I believe, a bit selflessly. And absolutely no one, except the man himself, can mess her love for him.


She wonders, why people leave mysteriously,
Without questions, answers or clarifications,
One day, they are no longer there,
Just a void.

Time suspends,
Wounds stay un-mended,
No ending, no goodbye,
You are left to wonder, why?
Why isn't life always fair?

Waking up with a heavy head every morning , is a routine now,
"Will this depression and grief ever end?" she thinks.
"Has he ever imagined the pain he left me in?
How could he ever do this to me?"
Her head tells her,
"No, mysterious lovers  don't show concern. They just leave."     

He knows me enough -
To imagine a girl sitting on her bedroom floor,
Dry-heaving, her body convulsing at failed attempts to silence her sobs,
Countless silent breakdowns so that no one can hear,
Every day is a fight with her own self,
To know the unsaid things,
To find the mystery behind it all.
"But he doesn't know me well yet," now it feels.

Silence kills,
"Why is he a man of few words?
I talk so much, why doesn't he too?
I expected him to be naked with his words when with me,
He carries so much within, no uttering anything,
Had he fought with me, it would have been way better,
Because communication bridges distance.
Why are people so shallow and cold?
Why are relationships an ordeal sometimes?
Why isn't loyalty and love paid back with loyalty and love?"

Sometimes she wants him to be punished,
For giving up on her and for his arrogant behavior,
And sometimes she wants to just go, find him, hug him and cry together for hours,
And protect him from everything harsh.

At last, she questioned herself lifelessly,
"Do you love him?"
"Yes", that inner voice claimed.
"Maybe, he deserves someone better than you.
You are not good enough for him. God knows the best. Let him go.
The harder you will try to hold on, the more he will slip away."
Momentarily she often finds peace with the reply.

She loved him so much to always want his good, respect his decisions,
Even if that wronged her own self.
He is a good person,
I am sure while he is burning, he is giving light to others, 
just like a candle does.

"Anger carries a person in your mind forever,
Love carries a person in your prayers forever," her mother taught.
"Our love, care and prayers are always with the ones we choose to love only from a distance,
You cannot hold on to someone who doesn't want to stay.
Some people make goodbye difficult, but sometimes,
You come together only to be separated."
She drowned herself into these facts each day,
Trying to find solace.


  1. Brilliant poem touching the soul. Relationships are changing by the day and guess, we should learn to disconnect so as not to inflict self harm. It hurts. Superbly done, Aayesha:)

    1. Agreed, Vishal. Self harm is permanent. It hurts the most. Because you are no longer you, then. Thanks for reading :)

  2. Men specially take relationships taken for granted as they know there are many options out there..Nowadays they are careless and irresponsible and there are very few men left who respect women

    1. It would be wrong to categorize 'all men', though yes a major chunk of them do so, unfortunately.

  3. Yes that's ryt..nowadays love is only left on profile pics n not in hearts..

  4. How things have changed through time. Even the way relationships go.

  5. Loved the poem : ) I think every men/women once in a lifetime goes through this phase...But this is how we learn, right ? And believe me,in the end you find a better person than the one you longed for...

    1. Thank you for reading, Dharan :)
      Yes, that's how life teaches!

    2. Keep writing :) You write positive :)

    3. And you keep reading! :P
      It motivates!

    4. Hahaha. ...You know how much I wait for your articles to come up 😉


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