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Reflections Of A Man - Lessons Learnt

It is the last day of my week long vacation today! Happy to be back to work tomorrow on. Have many Nano Fiction's ready to post, but I guess blogging will be at a slower pace now on!

As promised, this is Post 2 about 'Reflections of a Man' written by Mr. Amari Soul. Nonetheless, I loved the book and would love to share some snippets and lessons I learnt about men, women and relationships in general!

This book provides you with an insight on the complexity and beauty of personal relationships. The author wrote this for every strong and independent woman out there. This book will heal your broken heart and give you a whole new perspective on your life.

Every page will make you say “That is the truth” or “Oh now I understand.” This beautifully written book goes inside the mind of men and women and tells the untold meaning of many things that people face in their relationships. It uses the amalgamation of beautiful words, soul touching poetry and striking quotes to create the perfect fusion that hits those hidden feelings of any person.

For a woman, this spectacular piece of literature will be a true eye opener. You will read through the pages and each one will make you realize how amazing you are and you are worth so much more than what you imagine. It gives you the ability to recognize your abilities and your value. You learn never to settle for less, to give yourself the respect you need to achieve great heights. It gives you the concept of what is the “wrong man” for you and how he can lead to a huge disaster in your life that you do not even realize.

For men, it gives a take on the complexity of the woman mind and emotion. You will learn what the woman desires emotionally and what you can do to make her feel worth all that she is. Not only will you learn about her, you will have a new take on yourself too. It will make you relinquish the old perceptions that you have and learn about all the new points you never saw. You will see how to increase your abilities, raise your standards and be the man you want to become.

Some of the lessons which are my personal favorite:

1. It is hard for a good woman to give up. She will always keep trying to make it work, even after the man has given up. When she finally decided to walk away, it was never easy. She debated that idea many times in her head, gave you countless chances. Exhausted and heartbroken she left.

2. Do not remember a man with his first impression, remember what was his last memory with you. Did he leave you crying alone? Or was he there to comfort?

3. Don't break yourself to fix a broken man. He will do you no good.

4. A healthy relationship grows with you, not against you.

5. The best sex without love, still won't fill the void you will feel without the right person.

6. Trust your intuition, it will tell you things you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear.

7. Don't let them protect things with a password. If you can't see things he/she does, there is no base of your relationship. Don't allow him  to make you feel guilty with a cliche "If you trusted me, you wouldn't ask me my password."

8. Dont force a man with ultimatums. They rarely work. Possibly they could work for a short term, but slowly he will not be able to keep it forever. How long can anyone act?

9. You would want him to take decisions by himself for both of you and not you enforcing your decisions on him.

10. He could be a good man but still not be a right man for you. When he is wrong, accept it. Giving him time won't make him right.

11. Don't change for a man, for he will replace you once he finds the woman he was trying to make you.

12. There is nothing weaker than a man who strings you along and one fine day leaves you in dark.

13. You can never give a man enough who is willing to take everything from you. Some men are only takers. Even after giving them all you could they come always with their hands outstretched asking for more!

14. A good man can have issues with you, but if he is not ready to sort them to get through the relationship and fix the issues, let him go.

15. If a man feels your ambitions threaten his manhood, he is insecure.

16. When you want to replace that wall around your heart, with a man, make sure he protects your heart and not rupture it. Your man should be your protector and not an abuser.

17. Never chase a man. Don't make him emotionally lazy.

18. Never let a man break you emotionally or mentally. A weak man can never sweep you off your feet because he simply doesn't possess the strength to lift your spirit.

19. Cheating is a conscious decision, you cannot apologize for it and get away. It isn't an accident, at all.

20. You can't complain about being in a situation you have the power to change but you choose not to.

21. Break ups are hard if the love was real. Because you would always want to make it work. Love won't just let you walk away.

22. Only a new love can repair the damage caused by an old one. A new love means  spiritual love or self love, need not be always another person. If you are strong woman - who do you run to when you are the one everyone runs to? Spiritual love is the answer to endure the pain.

23. Forgive as they go about living their lives as they wish. Don't let your resentment hurt you. You do not have to be miserable.

24. With love you make yourself prone to vulnerability. But with great risks, come great sorrows or great rewards. They will be a blessing or a lesson.

25. Listen to your conscience; it is God talking to you directly. God makes no mistakes. Give yourself a fair chance of happiness even after something awful has struck you.

26. A weak man will feel threatened by your strength; a strong man will compliment it! Weak men will feel you're asking for too much!

27. Loving the wrong person will cost you everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. Still, don't take anything less than what you deserve.

For a man who's put a woman through pain:
The makeup on her eyes can't hide her pain,
Being a man you played a boy's game,
You were the man-
You were supposed to make it all right.
You can never feel the pain in her chest, the knot in her stomach,
That made it hard for her to breathe.
For you she was ready to give off her wings,
If that would make you fly,
That for you, wouldn't suffice too!


  1. Interesting....The author seems to be a counsellor or therapist. This book is my next read. I appreciate that you took time and compiled such a brief list, aayesha. Keep writing. Love :)

    1. Yes, he sort of is!

      Thank you for reading! :)

  2. The last few lines are awesome. I have so much to learn from you.

    1. Yes, those lines are mine, and not from the book.

  3. I knew. Your reflections are all over the poem :)

  4. Three successive days and no post? Ye to sarasar na insaafi hui ;)


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