Friday, 29 January 2016

Nano Fiction 22 : Dying Mother's Blog

Hello there!

Today's thought for the day - "Money can't buy you life!"

This Nano Fiction is a little bit of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', digital style, though! It takes a look at another level blogging can be taken to. I have seen so many people documenting their children's activities on their blogs. Imagine how good it would be for their children to see their childhood flashing before their eyes one day!

I wonder how many people will still read my blog if I die one day?

Some of us have a big share of digital life - I mean, we writers, share things we love to. It becomes a digital record, sort of! Something everyone can see even after we no longer are there. A part of us is always available - online. Such is the effect of technology!

Some days, you have stories to share, but do not get perfect words to put them into. Today is one such day! Without much ranting and cribbing, here's the next Nano Fiction.

Happy reading!

Today is Fri-Yay! But not totally for me; because tomorrow isn't a holiday for me. *cribs*

Monday, 25 January 2016

Nano Fiction 21 : Fragile Borders

Hello everyone!

Just a couple of days back, I heard the song "Panchhi Nadiyan Pawan Ke Jhonke" from the movie Refugee. I love that song a lot personally. Post listening to that song, my mind weaved this Nano Fiction, which I then thought to share here.

I love humming the songs that touch me and affect my life. 

Enjoy the fiction piece. :)

Happy reading.

P.S: Happy Republic Day everyone! I saw Airlift - what better day than today! Read some really good reviews about it. Holidays make me feel good these days. :D And the movie was fab - mature performance by Akshay Kumar! A must watch for every Indian!


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Nano Fiction 20 : Goal Digger

Hello everyone! It's weekend time, which means I will have atleast one blog post for my readers!

This is the 20th Nano Fiction. I hope this creative phase keeps going on and I keep coming up with more and more of such fiction pieces.

I personally feel, a woman does not require a man's presence in her life to complete her and to make her financially secure and sound.

A woman, like I always say, is her own hero. We need to show the world that every Princess doesn't need her Prince Charming to complete her fairy tale. A Princess can live happily ever after in her own big castle, with all her own money and take care of herself.

I have a dislike for girls who are constantly in search for a man to complete their existence. I mean, why?! Why do you need to go to a man's house to call yourself complete? Why do you have to take on yourself his tantrums and baseless, rude like-he-owns-you behavior?

Forget men, as a woman I hate gold digging women, who want to marry rich guys so that they can have a luxurious life ahead of them. This is such a cheap mentality!

If you shamelessly cultivate a relationship only to get money in between, you are sick. You cannot be so materialistic in a world like today. You marry a man who is READY on his own to consider you his half and give you all the facilities he enjoys. You NEED NOT have to coax him to supply you those things!

If you are in a relationship, your prized possession should be that man/woman and not his/her wealth. Don't be fooled by exterior appearances, for dating gold diggers may cost you huge.

Dear woman, you can earn money too, you do not need a man for that! Instead choose a hardworking man over a rich one.

To all the strong Womaniyas who agree with me - a big Hi5! We are here to rock the world on our own, beautiful ladies! There's more to life, than money. Certain philosophies and goals cannot be compromised for money even.

Gold digging is distasteful, goal digging is in! Comment your views and let me know what you think. :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Nano Fiction 19 : Unrequited Love

Unrequited love or one-sided love is the love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. The beloved may not be aware of the admirer's deep and strong romantic affection or consciously reject it. It can be carried on forever, with no hope of being loved back. 

One sided love seems more like a punishment than a happy state of being. To love someone who doesn't love our back seems like a disaster. With no hope of the love being returned in some measure some day. Not even admired in return.

What good is such love? That cannot be indulged in, celebrated, danced or sung to? A love that cannot enfold you securely with your loved one? Lonely love of this kind then feeds on itself, resulting in frustration, obsession and emptiness. It becomes a painful emotion. 

You may glimpse your ideal in someone, but it may just result into unrequited love. It is continued love without any labels and bonds that define a relationship. 

One cannot relate for Meera's one sided love for Krishna. She lived a divine life. But in reality, you reach such an emotional stalemate that your feelings no longer can die, you are forced to stifle them.

It only depends on the strength of your personality whether you handle it and let it energize you or fade you away like Devdas?

Dear Cupid, I wish you always hit both sides equally! With this here's the next Nano Fiction! I have loads to study for now, but I am working on some interesting posts to come out soon. Till then, love yourself first, stay happy and motivated. :D

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Book Review #53: Ramayana, The Game of Life – Stolen Hope

Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher: Jaico Publications
Pages: 307
ISBN-13: 978-8184957679
Price: 299

This is the third book in the Game of life series. The story picks up from where it was left in the last book: Shattered Dreams. In case you have not read the other two parts, there is a gist of the two books in the beginning, so that your reading becomes really seamless.

In this book, the author presents a study of the stages of the construction of the personality of Rama in the wicked labyrinths of Dandakaranya jungle, where Rama’s uprightness, Lakshmana’s trustworthiness and Sita’s fortitude echo our individual sagacity of morals and opinion in tricky times.

The book describes the mechanisms that unconsciously are involved in any relationship, or potential, such as entanglement that is manifested through communication and conditioning.

The book is a new way of thinking about any relationship that explains the dynamics that are at the origin of many failures in the relationships. The author is a great explorer of the relationship between man and reality, and this book is full of ideas on how to improve some aspect of our lives.

A book beautiful and enlightening, deeply moving and humbling before the power of the forces of fate but also it bears comfort, because along the way you can sometimes modify tragic fates beyond the boundaries of thought, as if on every page, for each step there was space and time to reflect.

The book is a perfect manual that deals with various aspects of human relations, so that the reader can participate in the search for solutions as if he himself was there and find out, then, how to get out of a crisis.

The focus of the book is the definition of the basic concepts for the understanding of the individual taking universal value because they are common to all mankind, the inner resources.

The book provides the opportunity to reflect on the cultural meanings that have affected the structure of Ramayana. The book also helps you clear the doubts you had while you read/watched Ramayana. Along with the story there are lessons and explanation in the footnotes. The insights are very useful in our day to day life as well as helps us to understand people better.

What makes this book fascinating is the mini mythological tales embedded in it, the highlight being that of Super sage Agastya’s many tales like his wedding to lopamudra, the origin of River Cauvery, the pilliyar kuthu (brain yoga), the invention of Tamil language and many such little folk tales.

What emerges at the end of the book is a crystal clear picture of what should be a real relationship who loves and evolve together but each maintaining their own freedom and their own individuality and originality. It is a book that everyone should read. It is so relevant and applicable in today’s world where relationships fail due to ego clashes. 

Rating - 4/5

P.S: Special thanks to BlogAdda for sending me an author signed copy of this book! I am reviewing this book as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Nano Fiction 18 : Dowry

I am so down with cold and fever, that every time my nose drips, I feel I am losing parts of my brain along with it. Such is the feeling of catching a cold. It is getting me so restless and I am losing my concentration level. I hate getting sick, it cripples my activities that I plan, on weekends, especially. I have so many pending blogposts to work on and this weekend totally disappoints me.

Anyways, I do not know how many writers, bloggers and story weavers will agree to this!

But I do. Every story you have to share is fabricated out of what is actually lived by you - maybe your own experiences or something that you have observed and has stayed with you in your mind.

Fiction is the truth inside the lie. Not every fiction is fictitious or imaginary. Writers are great observers and even greater narrators!

Nothing leaves their mind until they don't document it! No one says this aloud, though.

Today, I am posting a Nano Fiction for a girl, who is really an epitome of bravery and has inspired me, I am sure she inspired many.

If you still do not know her - She is Remya Ramachandran from Kerala.

She has inspired millions of women by taking a strong step against the custom of dowry. The girl’s Facebook post citing cancellation of marriage due to dowry demands had gone viral a few days back.

Demanding dowry is strictly prohibited under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1962, but the custom is very much prevalent in the Indian society even today.

Remya decided to call off her wedding after the groom demanded money and gold.

So, girls you do not have to 'buy' a man to call yourself 'married'. Wait for the right person. And even if you do not get one, you are your own hero, always! Say no to Dowry.

Also, do share your views on the issue in the comment box below!

I am attaching a video with this post too - it is a song sung powerfully by Sona Mohapatra. This song continues to empower me every time I listen to it!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nano Fiction 17 : Empty Heart

The thing I love about my profession is that it never makes me feel grown up. A teacher always remains a student first.

I still bring home fat library books to prepare for my lecture and I used to do so even when I was a student. You never stop learning. Life is pretty much the same! Learning and just more learning. Since I love doing it, it doesn't seem forceful. In fact, being a teacher requires you to study even more.

Do what you love, life will love you back. And always be willing to learn - from books, from people, from other's mistakes (because you cannot and should not do all the mistakes yourself!)

Observe more, judge less. And when life shows you someone's true colours, please do not paint a different picture altogether. You will fool yourself and end up hurting your own self.

Get into anything when you are ready for it - personally and professionally or else you will mess it up hugely. And always demand respect. Anything that doesn't respect you, doesn't make you stay longer.

Similarly, you do not have to get into relationships because others say so, or because you are aging or because it is necessary as a 'social obligation'. Take your time. You will not only cause yourself damage, but also to your partner, if you hurry.

With this short gyan for today, here's the next Nano Fiction! I can't believe I reached the 17th Nano Fiction. The idea of it, came over randomly, sipping a coffee mug! So true, when coffee works, everything else starts working! :D

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Nano Fiction 16 : Romance Writer

After a morning session of therapeutic shopping with Mommy dearest, (it is raining sales everywhere!) in the evening I am treating my parents to Kumar Sanu's Live Concert. Yay! What a productive day it has been! I have bought so much stuff! :P And I am so excited to hear Kumar Sanuji's melodious voice LIVE! Thank you, God for all the positives. 

Here is the next Nano Fiction. Do give the feedback. Sending across lot of positivity and optimism.


We observe a lot.

We get involved with people's lives.

We stay awake late till night to finish a story with one apt ending out of four different endings running in our head!

We give you some fairytale to read when you are too bored with your life. We also give you some reality check and food for thought when you feel you're going on the wrong track.

We put down our emotions on paper when we are happy. And do so even when we are upset. We do not fear to be judged.

We at times, kill characters in the stories because we wish we had the privilege to do so actually to someone! (Winks)

We share what we see around and appreciate the right or condemn the wrong going around in the society.

We write, because we want to be like the rain, touching so many lives all at the same time!

We try to understand why people behave the way they do and weave characters based on them.

We know there's only one way to improve what we do - write and write more.

We are writers. So glad to be in the clan. This post is to celebrate the family of writers. If you write too - a big HELLO! We are so blessed!

Below are the snapshots of my friends appreciating my Nano Fictions. I truly feel so motivated after this. Some people are so sweet to my blog. For you, I am never going to quit writing. And I have realized by now, the only way to improve your writing is to write and keep writing more and more!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha

Urdu is, one of the most absorbing and meaningful language, I feel. The aadaab and tehzeeb in the language is too charming to not know the meaning of the words of this language. It is so magnetic. Urdu is the main driving force why I am attracted to Pakistani dramas.

DISCLAMER: What I post below, is not written by me. But I wanted to save it somewhere and I am using my blog for it. It is simply amazing.

For me, the people speaking even a little of Urdu between their talks, automatically become so much more attractive! Urdu is quite a beautiful and graceful language.

Kya khayaal hai?


The difference between a Wedding and a Funeral beautifully captured in this piece ~

Nikaah Aur Janaaza

Teri doli uthi,
Meri mayyat uthi,
Phool tujh par bhi barse,
Phool mujh par bhi barse,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Tu sajj gayi,
Mujhe sajaya gaya.

Tu bhi ghar ko chali,
Main bi ghar ko chala,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Tu uth ke gayi,
Mujhe uthaya gaya.
Mehfil wahan bhi thi,
Log yahan bhi the,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Unka hasna wahan,
Inka rona yahan.

Qazi udhar bhi tha,
Moulvi idhar bhi tha,
Do bol tere padhe,
Do bol mere padhe,
Tera nikaah padha,
Mera janaaza padha,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Tujhe apnaya gaya,
Mujhe dafnaaya gaya.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Nano Fiction 15 : Woman Empowerment

I was too saturated preparing for Analog Electronics lecture. So, I decided why not take some time out for my baby blog and post a Nano Fiction finally.

Off late, I have started to miss blogging, even though it is just that I haven't posted for 3 or 4 days consecutively! All I ever need is - a coffee mug, a notepad to scribble on and a computer to empty my words on to. Life seems content then.


What is woman empowerment and when does a woman really get empowered?

According to me, a woman does not get empowered only when she wins a fight against the men or the society who wanted to suppress her.

A woman is truly empowered when there is a man behind her who is able enough to push her excel in the things that interest her. A man who she does not need to take decisions of her life but is always there to support and not suppress her. She does not have to fight for her rights with him.

I believe women are at par with men. And the men who do not suppress women are the ones who truly are mentally empowered themselves. You do not need to put someone down to show yourself up.

We need to come out of that 'son-preference-attitude'. The benchmarks of stereotypical paradigms which often drill the clause, "Women marching  ahead, in tandem with Men" or "Aajkal auratein mardon se kandhey se kandha  milakar chal rahi hain!" Such comparisons and success parameters for women actually reveal the dark underbelly of patriarchy, in a sugar coated pill, wherein a woman has to reach the so called ‘enviable’ status of men in society. I say why to match shoulders with men, when women are their own heroes! Often, modern women have got entrapped in this clause, embarking on a lone journey at times wherein the onus of manifold responsibilities is additionally put on her.

So women when you look out for men, look whether he is man enough to let you fly on your own!

Tell me in the comments below, what women empowerment means to you! Till the next time, smile, stay happy, be your own hero. Signing off for today, wishing you good times always, my students of 'Classroom of Life'! *winks*

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Nano Fiction 14 : Waiting

Time is important. The time that you give your family and loved ones, no amount of wealth makes up for it. You do not know what you are enjoying for the last time, value it. And most importantly, don't make your loved ones crave for your time.

Appreciate people that always have time for you. To listen to you, to be with you. They are probably the best kind of people.

Do something as if it is your last time, put in your best - in loving someone, in helping others, because you never know, it might be the last time you're doing it.

I take this opportunity to thank each of my reader, who takes out time to read what I write. Also, a very Happy 2016 to all my readers!! I am going to count all my blessings and list down - what made me happy each day and collect the chits in a jar starting on January 1, 2016! And on 31st December, 2016, I am going to open it and say a big thank you to the Universe for all the lovely things.

How are you going to count your blessings? 

P.S: This Nano Fiction inspired by the movie Bewafaa (2005)!