Thursday, 7 January 2016

Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha

Urdu is, one of the most absorbing and meaningful language, I feel. The aadaab and tehzeeb in the language is too charming to not know the meaning of the words of this language. It is so magnetic. Urdu is the main driving force why I am attracted to Pakistani dramas.

DISCLAMER: What I post below, is not written by me. But I wanted to save it somewhere and I am using my blog for it. It is simply amazing.

For me, the people speaking even a little of Urdu between their talks, automatically become so much more attractive! Urdu is quite a beautiful and graceful language.

Kya khayaal hai?


The difference between a Wedding and a Funeral beautifully captured in this piece ~

Nikaah Aur Janaaza

Teri doli uthi,
Meri mayyat uthi,
Phool tujh par bhi barse,
Phool mujh par bhi barse,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Tu sajj gayi,
Mujhe sajaya gaya.

Tu bhi ghar ko chali,
Main bi ghar ko chala,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Tu uth ke gayi,
Mujhe uthaya gaya.
Mehfil wahan bhi thi,
Log yahan bhi the,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Unka hasna wahan,
Inka rona yahan.

Qazi udhar bhi tha,
Moulvi idhar bhi tha,
Do bol tere padhe,
Do bol mere padhe,
Tera nikaah padha,
Mera janaaza padha,
Farq Sirf Itna Sa Tha,
Tujhe apnaya gaya,
Mujhe dafnaaya gaya.


  1. Have read this before many a times, simple yet classy :) I never said that to you, but I watched few amazing episodes of sher e zaat after you talked about it somewhere. It was good. I recommend you to read urdu shayaris to get a grip over urdu. Keep writing :) Love :)

    1. Oh! Shehr-E-Zaat is simply amazing. Urdu is magnetic a language. Period.

  2. Wish, someone translates the poem in English - and posts that in my FB!!

    1. You might try some translating apps, Grewal!

  3. can anybody upload this in its urdu script


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