Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Nano Fiction 15 : Woman Empowerment

I was too saturated preparing for Analog Electronics lecture. So, I decided why not take some time out for my baby blog and post a Nano Fiction finally.

Off late, I have started to miss blogging, even though it is just that I haven't posted for 3 or 4 days consecutively! All I ever need is - a coffee mug, a notepad to scribble on and a computer to empty my words on to. Life seems content then.


What is woman empowerment and when does a woman really get empowered?

According to me, a woman does not get empowered only when she wins a fight against the men or the society who wanted to suppress her.

A woman is truly empowered when there is a man behind her who is able enough to push her excel in the things that interest her. A man who she does not need to take decisions of her life but is always there to support and not suppress her. She does not have to fight for her rights with him.

I believe women are at par with men. And the men who do not suppress women are the ones who truly are mentally empowered themselves. You do not need to put someone down to show yourself up.

We need to come out of that 'son-preference-attitude'. The benchmarks of stereotypical paradigms which often drill the clause, "Women marching  ahead, in tandem with Men" or "Aajkal auratein mardon se kandhey se kandha  milakar chal rahi hain!" Such comparisons and success parameters for women actually reveal the dark underbelly of patriarchy, in a sugar coated pill, wherein a woman has to reach the so called ‘enviable’ status of men in society. I say why to match shoulders with men, when women are their own heroes! Often, modern women have got entrapped in this clause, embarking on a lone journey at times wherein the onus of manifold responsibilities is additionally put on her.

So women when you look out for men, look whether he is man enough to let you fly on your own!

Tell me in the comments below, what women empowerment means to you! Till the next time, smile, stay happy, be your own hero. Signing off for today, wishing you good times always, my students of 'Classroom of Life'! *winks*


  1. Loved the nano fiction :) It's the society and your surroundings that form your behaviour and thinking. So if you have people around you who respect women, you would do the same.I personally fell that talking about woman empowerment is not needed, because they have always been superior to men. I mean we men always have been dependent on the other sex - You teach us, you make us speak, you make us feel special. Do I need to elaborate more ? ;)

    1. Thank you, Dharan!

      "Talking about woman empowerment is not needed, because they have always been superior to men." Great words told. :)

  2. Women empowerment is not about shouting slogans or snubbing traditions. It's about having the freedom to make choices and having support from family and friends. It is the simplest definition for me. Loved your nano tale. It describes the hypocrisy in a very few words.

    1. Well said, Saru!!

      Thank you for stopping by. :)


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