Saturday, 9 January 2016

Nano Fiction 16 : Romance Writer

After a morning session of therapeutic shopping with Mommy dearest, (it is raining sales everywhere!) in the evening I am treating my parents to Kumar Sanu's Live Concert. Yay! What a productive day it has been! I have bought so much stuff! :P And I am so excited to hear Kumar Sanuji's melodious voice LIVE! Thank you, God for all the positives. 

Here is the next Nano Fiction. Do give the feedback. Sending across lot of positivity and optimism.


We observe a lot.

We get involved with people's lives.

We stay awake late till night to finish a story with one apt ending out of four different endings running in our head!

We give you some fairytale to read when you are too bored with your life. We also give you some reality check and food for thought when you feel you're going on the wrong track.

We put down our emotions on paper when we are happy. And do so even when we are upset. We do not fear to be judged.

We at times, kill characters in the stories because we wish we had the privilege to do so actually to someone! (Winks)

We share what we see around and appreciate the right or condemn the wrong going around in the society.

We write, because we want to be like the rain, touching so many lives all at the same time!

We try to understand why people behave the way they do and weave characters based on them.

We know there's only one way to improve what we do - write and write more.

We are writers. So glad to be in the clan. This post is to celebrate the family of writers. If you write too - a big HELLO! We are so blessed!

Below are the snapshots of my friends appreciating my Nano Fictions. I truly feel so motivated after this. Some people are so sweet to my blog. For you, I am never going to quit writing. And I have realized by now, the only way to improve your writing is to write and keep writing more and more!


  1. You missed a snapshot of what all things I have said about your writing; ) The best thing about you is your positivity. Keep writing :) Love :)

    1. I fear, I will have to write a separate post for all the things you've said! :P

      Thanks for all the appreciation. :)

  2. Go ahead :) Acche kaam mai deri kaisi? ;)

  3. I actually feel very good that women now a days are scaling such heights and getting recognised. I had even wrote a poem on that, although long back. Will post it shortly on my blog. Keep writing :)


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