Monday, 25 January 2016

Nano Fiction 21 : Fragile Borders

Hello everyone!

Just a couple of days back, I heard the song "Panchhi Nadiyan Pawan Ke Jhonke" from the movie Refugee. I love that song a lot personally. Post listening to that song, my mind weaved this Nano Fiction, which I then thought to share here.

Also in this post is a surprise. In my bio, I have always described myself as a 'secret singer' *hides* Yes, I love humming the songs that touch me and affect my life. So, this is the surprise for today. My readers get to listen to me. :D 

After struggling for hours, finally this online site called KIZOA helped me achieve the fusion of my image and audio file. (Blogging makes you technically aware too! *winks*) Though it degraded the image file quality. (makes a sad face)

For those of you who dared to press the play button, do give honest feedback! :P My little secret is kind of out now. 

You can watch it on Youtube here (

For those who might get irritated with the audio, apologies for flashing my not-so-known-talent, kindly mute and read the fiction piece. :)

Happy reading.

P.S: Happy Republic Day everyone! I saw Airlift - what better day than today! Read some really good reviews about it. Holidays make me feel good these days. :D And the movie was fab - mature performance by Akshay Kumar! A must watch for every Indian!



  1. Beautifully written! The video is not opening up for me though.

    1. Thank you, Alok! I have provided the Youtube link too, there's not much to it though. Just some humming :)

  2. Powerful. What love can do. My, my.

  3. The end could have been better :) Love means to give away everything you have and be happy with what you have. Your soulful voice made me happy :)

    1. The ends of many stories could have been better, but who cares! Sigh.

      Thank you for reading and listening. :)


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